Moderator Poll

Hey Everyone!

It is April 5, 2009, the day that the submitions to become Moderators on this site ends! I have made my poll on the finalists. There are 10 finalists, however, only 4 will become moderators. The top 3 penguins who get the most votes willΒ  become moderators, and then I will choose one of the remaining 7 to become the 4th moderator! The poll with the ten finalists follows.

Remember, you can only vote once! I have decided that instead of closing this poll on April 15, 2009 that I shall close it on April 18, 2009! You will know why I have changed the dates very soon. Have fun voting!

If I didn’t pick you to be in the poll, don’t worry, you still have hopes of being a mod! I have a list on paper of everyone who submitted a resimae to be a moderator. If your friends all come to this site and comment on this post saying why you should be a moderator, I will rethink the idea of you becomig a moderator! I will also have more moderator contests in the future.

If I didn’t pick you, its not because I think you are a hacker, so please don’t think that!

Who did you vote for? Why did you vote for that person? Comment your answers!

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84 Responses to Moderator Poll

  1. simmer27 says:

    I am not going to vote in this poll, I have decided staying Nuetral.

    The fourth moderator will be the person who I think would make a great mod based on what other people have said about them.

    If you are losing in the poll, you can become the fourth mod by getting your friends to comment here saying y you would make a great mod.

    Good Luck!

    Simmer 27

  2. jt 010 says:

    aww im not on it 😦

  3. jt 010 says:

    i voted for woton cuz hes my friend

  4. Darknerr says:

    Go Makee3! Also good choice on not voting! You seem like a fair person.

    Keep up the good work Simmer27!

  5. Salty says:

    😦 I didnt get picked!

  6. Salty says:

    Anyway, I think arctic sledder should win because he is very supportive to me. He always gives me tips on how to improve my blog and he is a very good friend! VOTE ARCTIC!!!


  7. mike says:

    i like makee

  8. giglles says:

    makee3 is my freind

  9. coco3436 says:

    hi my freind was asking me on msn to tell simmer if i think hes a good freind i think he is tho

  10. cpwoton says:

    Awesome! I’m winning and I haven’t even started advertising yet! XD Jk….


  11. Bobcoffee7 says:

    Oh well i didn’t make good luck everyone

  12. shocks30 says:

    vote for Artic Sledder

  13. shocks30 says:

    comon people vote for Artic Sledder hes a freind of Salty if you vote for Artic Sledder your a freind of Salty

  14. chinsetakout says:

    Hey Chinsetakout here!!

    There is a coin code giveaway at my site! Just be the first to use the code and you get to unlock the items! Be at my site at 2:00pm PST and 3:00pm PST tp try to win! πŸ˜€


  15. dragondav3 says:

    Braveboy should definitely be mod. He works really hard and updates all the time. He is dedicated and good at what he does.

  16. cool says:

    i voted pen50gi becuse he willbe the best mod ever

  17. mudkip077 says:

    plz vote for me

  18. gus dove says:

    mudkip is my best friend he helps me out with all my work and i think would help great here his real name is callum marriott i think all his other friends would say the same

  19. blueburu says:

    Yes! Thanks simmer! Btw its Blue Buru not Blue Buro but its an easy mistake lol

  20. pordugle says:

    i think taytay should win coz in like neraly all ur pics shes with u so she must b a g8 m8!

  21. blueburu says:

    I nominate Keelers895 aswell cuz He is a good friend of mine.

  22. keelers895 says:

    I voted for Blue Buru coz he’s an awesome same-nationality friend. :]

  23. angel2895 says:

    i voted for taytay cuz #1 shes my friend. #2 she would make a great mod,i mean she slaps people if they are being mean! lol and #3 cuz if i had made being the 10 finalists then she would have voted for me. WOOOOHHHOOOOOO GO TAYTAY!!!!!!!!!

  24. angel2895 says:

    i voted for taytay cuz #1 shes my friend. #2 she would make a great mod,i mean she slaps people if they are being mean! lol and #3 cuz if i had made being the 10 finalists then she would have voted for me.

  25. Dark says:


  26. Shimbo37 says:

    Hey I am a great friend of Makee3!
    I have known him for a long time!
    He is a great penguin! He never hacks, scams or lies…
    I hope you consider him as a mod, as he is really looking forward to it πŸ˜€
    Check his site ( to see who much he’s trying!


  27. Mujtaba says:

    I am really really disappointed. My Dreams of becoming of mod has Crashed. I always wanted to be a mod. You have upseted me a lot simmer

  28. hello90909 says:


  29. Greenyare says:

    I vote for Arctic Sledder!

  30. Madril says:

    i vote for ameeron he once gave me a membership so i owe him one

  31. pen50gi says:

    please make me mod simmer 27 please

  32. invisable125 says:

    May the best penguin win πŸ™‚

  33. Martyn6262 says:


  34. Cocoa0301 says:

    I voted for Makee3,because he is an excellent person.He would be great as a moderator,because he is everything a mod should be :Understanding,Knowing and Ambitious.He would be a great mod here,as he has been on his blog and on mine.I guarantee you,Makee3 has alot of potential.:)

  35. Monsterquis says:

    Hey simmer i saw what you put on my website. I AM SORRY. *VERY*

  36. Anonymous says:

    Darts noah.
    I saw him/her in UR chat room talking about how cool u are! I am freainds an he/she is one of the best penguins on club peguin. GO Darts!!!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Come on darts!

  38. Zumaboy says:

    I didn’t see these guys comments I saw some good ones but none of these penguins I thought I was pretty good:( Oh well I was already a mod on 2 ssites ( the people quit though… 😦 Oh well

  39. Zumaboy says:

    Wait I met tay tay she was a good friend athough she got mad at me for some thing the guy who haked my account did I changed my password because of him lol Now she hates me for some unknown reason… lol yet at the same time 😦

  40. MikyEmac says:

    Hi I’m one Zumaboys friends and he was a good mod on the other two sites and you could use him( I dont go to this site he just wanted me to post a comment like this) He was top mod on a site like he said he said lol

  41. Missymacbook says:

    another one of Zumaboys friend I no nothing about this site but he said the old shut down or something and he was GOOD at that one well(two)and so he be a good one to have

  42. MikyE mac says:

    I posted a comment but it did not work so anyways I think Zumaboy would be a good mod for this site idk if he said this already but he was top mod on one site he was like the second most importent ones on there on another site he was a mod too so he could be quite good. πŸ™‚

  43. bella7426 says:

    Makee3 Is Awesome!!

  44. Missymacbook says:

    Hi I’m MikyEmac’s broher and doing the same computer did not work so I’ll post this on my moms computr!
    Zumaboy is one of my school friends and he told me about this so Im saying this about him he would be very VERY VEEEERY GOOD and he was a CP cheat site mod before sadly the site shut down though he always checked every day to modarate the site! Well sometimes he couldn’t butmost every day! so he would be good!

  45. Sman2323 says:

    I’m far behind. lol I just got over a ban cuz someone hacked me :(. lol. nice getting close to 700,000 hits.

  46. jedi benobi says:

    I think zumaboy should be the moderator cause he loves CP and helps people lots.

  47. Makee3 says:

    Well I Know I’m Not Going To Win The Poll……………
    But Hopefully My Freinds Will Say Nice Things About Me ( Crosses Fingers )

  48. poof poof 4 says:

    my friend bubbleyone has sgned up but not in the finals i chose her cause shes my best friend

  49. maybel 18 says:

    hey simmer27 my friend bubbleyone is who im wooting for!

  50. penguin849 says:

    nice site dude!

  51. penguin849 says:

    oh btw i want bubbleyone to win!

  52. joe24 says:

    hi im tay tays friend i want her to win!

  53. hi i want bubbleyone the cool awesome hoodie chic to win this mod contest!

  54. bubbleyone says:

    guys thnx for trying to help everyone except of course joe so backoff joe!

  55. Sman2323 says:

    Here is the reason why I would be a great moderator. I love club penguin and I am always on. My site is down, but I love to post (Good posts). I’ve been on many other sites and know what do to.


  56. Piplup U says:

    :p I didn’t get selected! Aww well. I knew it wouldn’t happen. Anyway, GO MINSURLIA!

  57. SIMMER !

    You didnt post my comment check your spam i had a resimay this long



    Very long i should be there if you didnt spam it . Please un spam my comment

  58. cbary23 says:

    vote for sman he’s the best!!!

  59. Rayboys says:

    I didn’t get selected but anyways go Woton! πŸ˜‰

  60. 27ht says:

    vote for woton go woton go woton hes the leader of the mrw

  61. Pryce4 says:

    makee3 is my frwind in real life and on club penguin i really like him.his site is the best site EVA!

  62. Pryce4 says:


  63. Darknerr says:

    Makee3 is very polite. He is friendly kind and is always encouraging. Please vote for him.

  64. Zoneo says:

    Hi simmer I think Zumaboy would be good he has a cheat site I used to go to school with him He told me about this site and I agree with him that this site ROCKS so I think you could use him:)

  65. Blackcat says:

    Hi I like this site Ive liked it for awhile I think my buddy Zumaboy would be a good mod He is good at that stuff(I wish I was 😦 )

  66. Charliesgir says:

    Hi I hope Zumaboy can win forth mod even though he didn’t make it to the poll

  67. taylor038 says:

    hey this is taytay038 and i just wanted to say VOTE FOR ME and for all you guys that vote for me THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. invisable125 says:

    Hmmmmm i see im not going to win much knowing im in 6th place…. But needless to say, it doesnt matter who wins, its important to find out whos best for the job! I still wish everyone good luck but i hope everyone wins πŸ™‚ Which will be hard of course!

  69. Zoomaboy2 says:

    I’m Zumaboys friend he is awesome at moderating GO ZUMABOY!!!!!!!!

  70. Zumaboy says:

    Awww Thanks guys lol

  71. mostblu says:

    my buddy xman103 was relly sad when he went to see if he made it so can you plez let him on and he has a word press thing his name is askx and to ask him his password

  72. Aisa says:

    Makee3 Is My Freind

  73. Cara1319 says:

    Makee3 Is very nice and hes my buddy

  74. ekoorb says:

    i vote sniffles, cuz he is my best friend

  75. lollipopfan101 says:

    sniffles78!!!! he always helps me with blogs and he is helping me with a website right now.

  76. towletimms07 says:

    either woton or darts noah for me!

  77. mudkip077 says:

    no said nothing about me

  78. Matt says:

    Makee3 is my best freind on club penguin so please vote for him he will be the best mod eva!

  79. Matt says:

    Go makee!!!!!

  80. Girl34561 says:

    Darts Noah should be a mod, he’s really nice and he would know what to do!!!

  81. Mergo1398 says:

    I Think Makee3 Should Definetly Win Because He’s Brilliant,
    He Would Be The Best Mod Ever,
    He would always help people like he does on Club Penguin, And hes Really Nice!
    So Please Please Vote For Makee3!!!

  82. Isabella7426 says:

    Makee3 is my freind on Club penguin and he’s my very own brother!
    He’s very smart and would be a GREAT mod. He would answer all the questions and he would never break the rules. everybody vote makee3 for the best mod eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. shocks30 says:

    vote artic sledder he rules

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