April Fools Day Party Cheats 2009

Hey Everyone!

The April Fools Day Party was released on Club Penguin today, here are the cheats!

The free item that was returned from the April Fools Day Party two years ago is the Blue Levitation hat and you can get it at the Mine!


Unfortunetly for me, this item was the first item I ever got. Well, atleast I still have the disquise! You can also go to the Box Store, you can get to it by going to the Snow Forts.


I’m not sure if this room is members only, but that picture is a picture of the Box Room! Pretty cool right? You can also buy some boxes in the Box Room. Here is what you can buy.


I  bought the Portal Box. Like Matre10 said, the Portal Box is what Gary the Gadget Guy had to leave the penguin awards for! Now that he is done designing it, he will return to the Awards tomorrow.

If you use the Portal Box as an item for your igloo, and then you step into it, you will get to teleport to the Mixed Up Box Room!


Pretty cool party right? What do you think of the party? Did you have the blue levitation hat from its original release in April of 2007? Comment your answers!

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12 Responses to April Fools Day Party Cheats 2009

  1. darts noah says:

    Ya, I did have the original one. i hate Disney! When CP was on its own, the returned maybe 2 items a year. Disney buys Club Penguin for $350000 and they do nothing except be fat lazy potatoes just taking old items and putting them back into the game. This is the second item they returned and I have a fealing of more to come. :-@

  2. pordugle says:

    i rlly wanna b on ur cp team 4 ur website, but i dnt hav my own wordpress or anythin.. 😦
    i hav been usin ur site since like 4eva
    plus i rly wanna met u on cp!!!!

  3. Darknerr says:

    Hey Simmer27, don’t be too sad.

    I started in March 2007, the lucky hat came back. Cheer up, you have the blue lei and that is rare and cool item!

    (I have it too)

  4. perezhockey says:

    I have every item for free from 2006 march to now

  5. DirkD says:

    Same with me on the blue propeller cap.

  6. trempox says:

    Same on the proppeler hat,but theres still ht red one and the funny glasses

  7. greenfooted7 says:

    Yes i have the original blue one

  8. BLACKASHES96 says:


  9. pordugle says:

    i rlly wanna hav all dat rare stuff but i only hav 1 rare item or two

  10. Pufflecheck says:

    I have had the blue two times and it would have been the same with the red but i missed the first party. 😦
    I wish they could make a different colour one.

  11. cool person says:

    Yeah the box room is only for members

  12. new42 says:

    coolbox cheat

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