How to Become a Moderator!

Hey Everyone!

I have been thinking about having mods on my weblog for a very long time, and have finally decided to make some of you moderators on my website! I am sure you are thinking, well, how do I become a moderator and what will I get? Here are your answers to those questions, and a few more.

Q. What do moderators on get? Do they get anything over everyone else? Do they get to be V.I.P. for anything? Why would I want to be a moderator?

Simmer 27: Moderators on this website will get special V.I.P. things such as coin codes, memberships, and rare penguins when I don’t need them. They will get to go to partys as a V.I.P. and will get a widget saying who the moderators are! Moderators will get to be moderators on my chatroom. You would want to be a moderator because every now and then, if you want to get something of yours promoted, I just might help!

Q. Thats cool! What do I have to do to become a moderator?

Simmer 27: To become a moderator on this website, you must do a few things. First, you need to comment on THIS POST telling me the following.

1. You AIM or MSN if you have one, if you don’t simply tell me your email. Don’t worry, I will not let other people see your AIM, Email, or MSN in the comments. I will remove it before its approved. I need this because if you are a moderator, I need to know how to contact you!

2. You need to have a good resimay. What I mean by that is I don’t want to hear from anyone that you have ever hacked anyone in the recent past, or have scammed someone. If you have done that, and I hear about it before you are a mod, you will not be added.

3. You need to have a wordpress account! How else can I add you to my website if you don’t have one? Comment saying what your wordpress account is. That is very important!

4. Comment saying if you have experience. Do you have a youtube channel or website? If you do, simply comment it!

5. Comment with the name of your penguin. (Of Course!!)

6. Finally, tell me why I should let you be a mod over everyone else! Tell me why you want to be a mod and tell me what you would do to help me if I made you one.

Q: What are my responsibilitys as a moderator? What rank will I get to be on your blog? What can and what cannot I do?

Simmer 27: You don’t have that many responsibilitys as a moderator. Your main responsibility is to moderate comments. Moderate the comments in such a way where you read each one. If the comment is saying “come to my site” then don’t approve it because it is spam. Spam any comment that could be found offensive, is a hate comment, is simply incorrect, or is expilict! Reply to any comment that is a question. You simply click edit to do this, then answer in bold 2 spaces beneath the comment. Don’t forget to put your penguin name so the person who submited the question knows who the question is coming from! You are not allowed to do anything related to my blogroll or posting as a mod. If you do without asking me, you will be demodded. Simmer 27’s on my chat room are fake, so don’t look for me there. If you are a mod, you will know my aim and msn. the only way you can tell if its me on my chat is if the –simmer27– name is being used. That is the only user name I use on the, and it is hack proof.

You will get to be an Editor as a moderator on this blog. Editors are the second highest rank on this blog. Administrator is the only one higher. Matre10 and I are the only Administrators on this blog. We will not be promoting people to Administrator because that is like giving away 50% of the website!

Q. Is it possible to be demodded? If so, how do I get demodded?

Simmer 27: If you want to be demodded, simply ask me and I will choose someone else. However, there are other ways to be demodded. For instance, if you spam this website with a different link, you will be demodded. If you edit my blogrol you will be demodded, or if you attempt hacking my site you will be demodded. Really, you would have to do something pretty bad to get demodded so If you become a mod, if you follow the rules you won’t be demodded. To all haters, if you want to get someone demodded come up with alot of proof. I mean alot, as in 10 – 20 different pictures that are clearly not photo shopped.

Q. When someone is demodded, how will you replace them?

Simmer 27: I will make a post, and at the bottom, I will say “I’m looking for a new moderator because “so – so” was demodded. Do you want to be a moderator? Comment here if you do!”

Q. How and when will the mods be chosen?

Simmer 27: First, I will read every comment submitted. Comments will be approved after submission. Then, on April 5, 2009 I will make a poll with the 10 names of penguins who I thought were the most convincing in why they should become moderators!  I will make a poll on April 5, 2009 with the names of the 10 penguins who I thought would make good moderators! I will leave the poll open four 2 weeks in a widget, then I will close the poll and the 3 penguins with the most votes will become moderators! I will make sure that it is only one vote per computer to prevent cheating.

Good luck to all hopefuls! Remember, it will eventually come down to you choosing the moderator.

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87 Responses to How to Become a Moderator!

  1. simmer27 says:

    Good luck everyone!

    I will not take bribery, so if you want to make the top ten, you have to make your comment really count!

    Its one comment per computer.


    p.s. like my new avatar? 🙂

  2. Darts Noah says:

    1.My E-Mail is but I used my WordPress account on my spare E-Mail.

    2.My resimay, never been hacked never have hacked. And I have some expeirence with WordPress and Blogger.

    3.My WordPress username is Noahpp and the E-Mail I used for it is (my spam E-Mail)

    4.I do have expeirence. I used WordPress before but now I use Blogger. Mu current blog is

    5.Darts Noah is my Non-Member, 87 Crosby3 is my Members.

    6.I’m well organzied, I have good grammer, I mostly always post at 9:00 PST which is when the update happens and I will my Memberships now and then for contest on this site (I don’t want to use up all my money But i might by a 1 month or 6 month once a while for this site for a contest).

    Well, you heard it. No go picking with the other entiries 🙂

  3. Monster quis says:
    2.Ok some people has gave me there accounts but i have permission to go in there accounts. I have not hacked club penguin. I play fair on cp.
    4.I have a website and a youtube channel.
    5.Monster quis
    6.I like being a member of the first website. And yes this is the first website I saw. This site tells me the newspaper when i cant play clubpenguin so I know. I know mimo777 and heatblast227 but this is better. AND I AM SAYING THE TRUTH.

  4. Tomcycle14 says:

    Hey Simmer, great website, I want to be a Moderator. Here is my Info:
    Wordpress Account-Tomcycle14
    Youtube/Website- Two:
    Youtube: Tomcycle14 and Oscormama1
    Wordpress: Tomcycle14
    Penguin Name: Tomcycle14
    Why?- I could be a great mod. I go on CP almost every day. I know what I’m doing, and I have never been banned. I really dont know what else to say, I would be great and I will be great.
    Pick ME

  5. leojemmsshe2 says:

    Hello Simmer I just want to be one of the moderator. Here is my e-mail add:


  6. leojemmsshe2 says:

    I don’t have any website or any experience Well i want to be like you!. you are my idol. This is the name of my pengui:leojemmsshe2

  7. braveboy124 says:

    Hi I Would Like To Enter…
    1. My Msn Is
    Also My Email Is
    2.I Am Happy to say i Have An Awesome Resimay. No Scamming From Me.
    3. My WordPress Account Is Braveboy124 . My Email for my account is
    4. I Have a lot of exspirence. not as much as you but i have exspirence. i have 1 youtube channel, and i have 1 blog. penguin name is braveboy24
    i saw you on cp but you just ignored me lol.
    6.well first of all i should be a mod because i can post updates. i also should be a mod because i can help you with this blog alot. like if you tell me to do something. ill do it quickly. i have a lot of potential.
    I hope you make a good decision on this. 😉 i hope i really win this im your biggest fan!
    bye. and p.s if i make it to the next round.. could you comment it on my blog thanks!
    -Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-

  8. ANGEL1123 says:

    My penguin name is Angel1123
    i am experienced with clubpenguin because my penguin is over 800 days. i would love to be a mod on your website but i will only give you my email if i get accepted as a mod! thank you i love your site

  9. Caldog9 says:

    Heya Simmer. Email Never ever hacked. WordPress name: Paintboy572 (please remove name)
    My site:
    I think I should be a mod because I am a good blogger. I answer questions, when someone has commented. Like you can see on my site.



  10. blingbling25 says:

    AIM: basketballkingGH
    Penguin: Fgrudre (but banned forever)and Dr Aweeee
    Why: i want to be a mod. because i have tons of experience, im truthful, i dont hack, i dont copy from other people and i have a very good going blog. So simmer27 would you reither choose me over some doppy hobo with no experience or me who has experience and is truthful and dosent hack. so simmer27 choose me for one of the mods.

  11. bobcoffee7 says:

    Hey simmer I would like to be a mod.
    My email is
    I have never hacked hacking is just wrong i mean like hacking i just bad. My wordpress site is
    My experence is I work at 6 other sites And i have one site I can post fast on my site.But i wont be posting here if i win i’ll be a mod LOL My penguin name is bobcoffee7. Well I would like to be a mod Because I like helping people I will always Spam Or delete a comment with any swear words in it I will always be nice to everyone on this site. I will log in a lot to approve or spam or delete comments. You dont have to make me a moderator CHooose who you think is best.
    btw i like your new avatar 😉

  12. cpwoton says:

    1. AIM: cpwoton Email:

    2. Resumey: I own and work on over 60 other sites. I was previously a moderator on and have to ton of experience. I know just what comments to approve and such and I’m sure I’d make a great mod!

    3. WP Account: cpwoton

    4. I own and work on over 60 other sites. I was previously a moderator on and have to ton of experience. I also own a YoTube channel (cpwoton). I know just what comments to approve and such and I’m sure I’d make a great mod!

    5. Penguin Name: Woton

    6. I am very experienced and know what I am doing. I will be able to help you with whatever you need me to do, approving comments, etc. As I mentioned before, I had this exact same job on and approved thousands of comments, so I know what I’m doing!



  13. hbk399 says:

    i have a youtube and a website

    penguin name:hbk399

    i want to be picked cause my site has 200 veiws and i will do alot of posts right when there updated

  14. percey14 says:

    Penguin name: percey14
    reseme: I have never hacked or scamed(becassue I dont know how to!)I am a secret agent and i am a tour giude, and i know what goes on around every place in Club Penguin
    I do have a youtube, it’s fishrules101
    my wordpress is
    Like I said, I waddle around clubpenguin and if i see anyone say something like a curse, I will report them (but thatt’s not a bad thing and if it is I rarely ever do so)and I do have all of the things requierd, and AIM, youtube, wordpress, etc.

    Thanks a buch for reading,

  15. brea38143 says:
    My (still working on it)
    Penguin name is Brea38143 or I can use Redpinkruby1.
    I want to be a mod so I can get stuff like codes (etc.). PLUS I want to be one so I can help you with stuff and keep this place safe.

  16. 1.
    2. No one has hacked me, and I haven’t scammed anyone. [:
    3. My WordPress email is Same as above!
    4. I have a WordPress. Oh please, I hope this doesn’t land in spam. LOL!
    5. Minsurlia. Remember me? [:
    6. Hi Simmer27! I’m really good at editing and noticing bad spots. [P.S. I’m almost an author, hopefully!] I would help you moderate comments [like you said above.] I really like your site.
    P.S. I suscribed to you by Blog Surfer on WordPress a looooong time ago! [Like Last Year?! [: ]

  17. Mujtaba says:

    1.My email is
    2.I never was a moderater before and i never hacked anyone’s account
    3.My wordpress account is Mujzy
    4.My youtube account is Muj97riz
    4.My penguin’s name is Mujguin
    6.I was never a mod before and i will help you out by not approving comments against you or this site and dirty comments and people who say things like “Come to my site” or “This site is bad” Please let me be a moderater. Your new Avatar is nice.

  18. Michael says:

    Can i be a mod?! Please! I will do my best honest!

  19. Boomboom5435 says:

    hi I’m Boomboom5435 i was going to try to be a Mod but i don’t have a wordpress or a you tube account because I’m 9. I don’t know if I’m old enough for wordpress. But even if i was i still don’t have a you tube. Am i old enough for wordpress?

  20. etniesboy322 says:

    this is me etniesboy322 simmer27 u work for my site and i would like to be on ur site becuase i love doing post and finding stuff so plz pick me lata simmer27

    p.s my penguin name is ballion54

  21. xman103 says:

    ohh i am ten

  22. taytay038 says:

    My email is
    I have a wordpress it is going to be about clubpenguin but its not done yet. I have never hacked or scamed anyone. I have no experiance but I am a fast learner.I do have a youtube account and i have added you so that is good. I should be a mod becuse I am easy to get along with and i have never did anything bad on websties or anything. Also you CAN TRUST me on anything you tell me I CAN keep secrets. I am very trust worthy. I know alot about you website. Finnally anything you tell me to do i will do it as soon as i can! :]

  23. cbary23 says:

    Hey Simmer my aim username is cbary23 and my email is
    i have NEVER hacked anyone before and i never will. I am at the age where I know what a good comment is and what a bad one is. I have always wanted to be a mod. I love club penguin and go on everyday. My username is 1n287. My wordpress website is I have a website with my best friend but nobody really knows about it :). I think I would be a good mod because I love club penguin and i love your website. I would help by constantly making sure the comments posted are okay and that they are appropriate. I would also answer every question i could quickly so that you don’t constantly have to be checking your website and answering the questions when you could be doing other things. I hope you think i am good enough because I’d love to be part of your team as a mod. Thanks a lot for the opportunity and i hope you choose me. Thanks a lot! Bye!!!

  24. Bluzzy says:

    Hello There.

    My Penguin Name Is Buddydill. My wordpress account name is Christiancy.
    My email for msn is, The reason why i want to become a moderator on the website and chat is because i want to make sure children dont see bad words or other swearing. This would be a great job for me and i think i should help out alittle. I hope you accept this message and agree with me.

    I’ve hope i didnt forget anything!

  25. makee3 says:

    Dear Simmer27,

    I have been a Modertor on many websites.
    I’de like to help you to make this website more sucessful than ever!
    I don’t have an Aim or MSN,
    Although I do have Gmail chat.
    My E-mail is:

    My penguin name is Makee3 and my penguin is 900 days old.

    Nobody in my blogging video making ect… Has ever scammed me, and I have never done just that also.

    My website is
    But I’m thinking of changing it to Very soon.
    I Have almost 10,000 hits and get very many comments.

    I make videos with Hypercam, Zdsoft, And Kodak video recorders.
    I have a Youtube account, which doesn’t have many subscribers.
    I have over 10 websites, I post on all of them everytime a cheat & or update comes out.
    I’m not sure if you wanted me to give you my youtube account or not, but here it is:

    Why should I be a Moderator?
    I have a very good Grammer rating,
    I have a VERY high IQ,
    I will reply to all comments that are questions when i browse through them,
    I very good spelling,
    And of course…. I’m 12 years old.
    I will always delete and spam comments that have advretisment,
    Sexual content, Adult content, Hate comments, Badly negative comments, and cussing in comments.

    I hope you consider me for moderator!

    Your biggest fan,


  26. Burley10 says:

    I have never hacked or scammed anyone in my life!
    I have a WordPress Account.
    I have a lot of experience. I have a Youtube Channel, a Website,, and a MySpace. Check them out.
    Penguin Name: Burley10
    I should be a moderator on your site because I have the experience and know how to do many things that will protect and improve your site. Check out my site to rate how I do.
    P.S. Very cool avatar!

  27. Burley10 says:

    Hey Simmer, I know this doesn’t have to do with the contest, but I was looking at some other comments and you said you live in Chicago, so do I! I live on the north side. Have you been to Art Of Pizza? If you haven’t, go there now! BEST DEEP DISH EVER!!!


  28. Nunt says:

    1. my email is
    2.i have never hacked.
    4.i dont have a youtube
    5.i am a kid but i love kids 2, i will protect the website and i will keep eveyone safe. that is all.

  29. Shimbo37 says:

    Hey Simmer!

    1) I do have an AIM and it is “epic3721”
    2) Ok, I hate hacking! Hacking is wrong! I’d never do it!
    3) Well, I am on my wordpress account right now… (so it should have most info)
    4) My website is “”
    5) My penguins name is Shimbo37 (and I have other test penguins)
    6) And lastly, you can feel safely about having me as a mod because I never spam, cheat, hack or anything! Plus I am on computer all the time so I can moderate 24/7! (not literally) Plus one more reason, I really want to get to know you more…

    Ps. Sorry for the long reason, I am just really serious about this

  30. Mr Tatoe says:

    Hi I would like to be a moderator on your site, I had a wordpress site with over 4,000 hits and I worked alone except for my last month on my blog, I quit my blog 2 months ago and I have always wanted to work on a blog with lots of hits on it. I also have a youtube account called MrTatoecp I’ve had it since augest last year. I will moderate the comments and maybe post once every week. My penguin name is Love Dove!

  31. Salty says:

    Penguin Name: staly vegas

    My Msn:

    My WordPress:

    I have alot of experience on laptops i have been playing club penguin for 2 years and i know everywhere very well and i can find cheats very easily!

    My Youtube account:

    If you choose me i will update club penguin cheats as soon as they come out!
    I also somtimes update before mimo777 =D

    I would help you get hits by telling all my friends to come and visit!

    Please choose me! =)


  32. Articsledder says:

    Resimay: I havent been hacked ever,.
    Wordpress: articsledder
    Expierience: I have a website over a year old with 5,000 hits, and a youtube acount called Articsledder.
    CP Name: Articsledder, as you may have guessed 🙂

    Why: I want to be a moderator becuase I have had a website for years, tried various things to get hits, yet have basicaly gone nowhere. I would help you by answering the questions people ask becuase of my expierience in CP. Since I made my acount two years ago, I have worked on various websites, and was a member on miniclip before admitting I was to young, and have lots of knowledge about the game. I also have tons of spare time.


  33. hbk399 says:

    i have both



    i want to be a mod cause i have alot of veiws and i will oderate the comments first time i see them

  34. Eloise says:

    hello my ame is Eloise
    my email
    I have NEVER hacked or scammed anybody!
    my word press acounnt is: Elzz Scottie
    I am also a very succsesful moderater on club penguin
    My penguin name is: Elzz Scottie
    I think I should be chosen because I am very sesible so I know what is right and what is wrong. I am also lots of fun and can make anybody laugh. I know lots of cheats and could make a page full of them I also can run very succsesful competitions. I would love to be a moderator as the only website I am a moderator on is club penguin. So pease choose me
    thank you
    Eloise H

  35. glosseygal2 says:

    ok about the website…i made one and the name was something like glosseygal2…and i have to see it again just to make sure.
    penguin name:glosseygal2
    i dont have AIM or MSN…butt i do have yahoo…its…i have a youtube(mimmzyfreak)and i wanna become a mod because i dont really have expirance in bein in clubpenguin(ive only been there for 548 days)and ive been to every party and everything and im a member but i think i wood understand clubpenguin much much better if i become a mod.and i always see people that had coins and i never got one and i wanna get one!

  36. maaze says:

    Youtube:Grandzore (I sometimes make CP videos) Or my Cp account CPCarl303


    Why i want to be mod: Well,I want to be mod Because I have Experience With Moderating Comments And Posting on a Website.I will Also Keep things in order.Such as The comments.If some one has a question I will Reply to them the best i can.I will also mod the chat box As best as i can.And Just In General be nice to members and Make sure that every thing is inline.

  37. prankster65 says:

    my acount is prankster65
    my cp acount is spy kiered
    i have expierance because my brother is a cp moderator, he works at the london ofiice for cp!
    u should let me be a moderator because u can trust me and i will protect this site and ur chat becuase its the best!

  38. fr0st33 says:

    its kool i had a yahoo accont but it work so heres my junk mail:jegpacino@gmail


    4.i do:fr0st33.wordpress

    i like being a mod i am two(cp and a xat chat box)and im a big fan of this site i dont comment alot

    I hope a mod


  39. celticcid11 says:

    Cool post simmer. i would love to be a mod on your site!

    my AIM is saintsbaseball11
    i dont have a utube
    ive never scammed or hacked anyones account,

    il help you have a famous penguins page, and i can help by giving you some 200 day old penguins with 4 famous people bacrounds

    ive had a wordpress for about 4 months now with 1000 hits with little adverstising.

    hope i can become one! thanks bye


  40. Sman2323 says:

    Hey Simmer I’ve always wanted to me a moderator on your site. My email is

    Ps: I don’t like soccer I’m not Jose and I am not a dad I like baseball My name is Shane and I am a kid

    Also yea I like your new avatar!!!

  41. Superpriplup says:

    Hello Simmer,
    Well my wordpress account is My email is
    I didn’t hack or anything. I don’t have a youtube or anything. I want to be a mod because you are awesome and all of my friends think i am not smart at cp.

  42. Lusidea says:

    im good at bloging, ive been on quite alot of blogs
    Cp name: Lusidea
    real name: mark
    Age on cp:863 days
    Published on 20:09 29 march

  43. Firz says:

    I’d love to be a mod.
    My current main email is
    I admit to having hacked people ages ago but it wasn’t my fault they made me an admin when I didn’t even know me and I couldn’t resist it.
    I’m currently a trusted admin on 4 blogs I haven’t hacked.
    Obviously I have a wordpress account the email for it will be in this comment but it’s not the venzr one.
    I’ve had so many websites I can’t count them all the most poular one I was on has over 4,000,000 hits and my current one has over 500,000.
    I recently had to restart it though.
    My penguin name is Venzr. I’ve had other penguins that have had rubbish names but I have a beta called Firz!!!
    I think I should be a mod because I’m very experienced on clubpenguin, I’m brilliant at blogging, I’m responsible and I could moderate comments, tell you about good clubpenguin and blogging stuff I find
    I want to be a mod for a new adventure that must penguins wont have.
    Please consider my application.

  44. Firz says:

    Also I’ve added you too my blogroll and suit the requirements.
    Will you add me to your blogroll now?

  45. Zumaboy says:

    I have a google sites and blogger account will that work I want to be mod Oh I need to update site big time I havent been on it in a month!

  46. Zumaboy says:

    Im a mod on two sites already well I was they shut down though…
    well I was top mod on one so I think I’d do REALLY GOOD.

  47. angel2895 says:

    hey simmer! u know that i have a youtube angel2895. and my E-mail is and i would love to be a mod i don’t have a word press but i really want to be a mod and i have to talk to u about some thing.

  48. taytay038 says:

    1. My email is word press is
    3. I have never ever ever hacted someone it is so wrong. Also i have good gramer.
    4. My penguin name is taytay038
    5. I do not have experence but I am a fast learner.
    6. You should chose me over everone else because I am trust worthy also I will do everthing you ask me to do and I have a good attiude. Finally if I am chosen I will not let te power go to my head.

  49. Monster quis says:

    I forgot. ( im comment 3)I never been banned on club penguin

  50. 1234ihj says:

    Sup simmer,Im just lettin ya know i put u on my blog roll.Also plz check out my website and comment me on it. Maybe we can become friends

  51. blueburu says:

    My email is on my wordpress account but I would rather not it published. (MSN)
    I have never hacked anyone(Promise)
    Wordpress account is blueburu
    I have an Army website that usta be a club penguin cheat site. and my youtube channel is
    Penguin name is Blue Buru
    I want to be a mod because Simmer27 is my favourite out of all the club penguin sites and working with him would be a dream come true.

  52. keelers895 says:

    Simmer, I can’t see my comment. Can you please approve it so I can see my entry is accepted? Thanks.


  53. Lusidea says:

    im good at bloging, ive been on quite alot of blogs
    Cp name: Lusidea
    real name: mark
    Age on cp:863 days
    Published on 20:09 29 march
    Wordpress name: masidea

  54. pen50gi says:

    my-name for cp is pen50gi and email is i would like to help other penguins and make this site amazing with a joke page loads of vids and pics of cp the reason i want to be amod for this website because this web is the most amazing club penguin site ever i visit it every day and if i were a mod and love y site my web is the web is good i love being amod never hacked my life because it is bad i have a theme park web thats good i will help you so much simmer and i will tell my friends aboutthis web and make your hits good thats why please public and simmer 27 pleasevoete am the kindest penguin around thats all hope im mod so please m,ake me simmer 27 in the top 10

  55. mudkip077 says:

    i own my own cheats i dont go on it because i didnt get many hits so… i would like to have a job on my favourite site plz mail me

  56. Sportstick says:

    2) I haved never done any hacking on cp. I also never got banned.
    3)sportstick, my wordpress email is
    5)Sportstick (He is over two years old)
    6)You should pick me as mod because I am really responsible. I also have a lot of experience on cp (over two years). I will always keep on adding stuff to this blog.

  57. 77pengi77 says:

    My email is also I’ve never been hacking because i dont like getting banned.
    My wordpress name is pengi77 also my wordpress email is
    My wordpress blog is
    My penguin name is 7pengi7!
    You should definitely pick me because i can write posts correctly!
    I have experinced having a blog.
    I will post as soon as possible!
    And because you are in another country im in New Zealand and beacuse when you are at school or sleeping I can write post because its about 5:00pm in the afternoon here.
    I usually go on CLub penguin after school as well!
    Please Pick me!

  58. ksonic says:

    Hello , Simmer27! I would really like to be a moderator ! Here is the inofrmation you need!
    1.) E-Mail me at to cantact me!

    2.) I think hacking is wrong. I’ve never been hacked OR hacked. I have a very good grammer!

    My Club Penguin name is Kikersonic. My favorite serevers are Tundra and Mammoth. 3.) I am VERY responsible. In school , I am almost as powerful as a teacher because of my reponsiblity. My youtube account is : Runescapemasta09 (I do not like Runescape anymore) My wordpress account is Ksonic. LAST: You should choose me because of my responsibilty. I am very organized. I am nice to others , and I have alot of experience on Club Penguin , I am almost 2 and a half years. Hope you like my comment and accept it!!!

    ~Waddle on ,

  59. ksonic says:

    Whoops! I misspelled contact on the last comment! I am in a rush to get to school… Ingore that mis-spelling I did!

  60. aafreen22 says:

    1.My Email is
    2.I never hacked anyone or i never got banned in CP but I dont post in it Now i post in
    4. I have Club penguin experience for 2.5 years
    5. Bismi
    6. I want to be a Mod because i am very responsible and like to help each person. Also i will help you to add stuff in your blogs

  61. keelers895 says:


    Resimay: I have not hacked anyone. Or never been banned.

    Account: Keelers895, work on, Email is same as email. Lol

    Experience: I have experience, and my YouTube is

    Penguin Name: Sunderham

    Reasons: I know you off Bribble, and you have been a good friend of mine for a long time, and to work with you would be a dream come true, to be honest.

    Good luck everyone!


  62. 1.CpWha39Cp
    3.Never Hacked Anyone Is A Good Friend and Nice Too! wha39cp
    8.I’ve Always Dreamed Of Bing Apart Of This Site! It’s The Best. I Post Everyday.

  63. joradx says: or
    I have never hacked any penguin
    real name-Garret Petrakis
    How old in real life-11
    how old penguin on cp-i have alot of penguins but i mostly go on Nichols200.
    I believe you should choose me as a moderator because I am really responsible and am good at all the subjects at my school.

  64. cynnis says:

    i do not have a word press account but i should be a mod i have never hacked i have never been hacked and i onley got banned once but it was not me who was on my account so ya i would be perfect as a mod but ill wait for the answer if i become one or not so um ya i dont have a word press account but that dosent mean i should not be a mod ok

  65. cynnis says:

    oh ya and my msn name is

  66. katie says:

    my penguin name is lindy1233 and i love your website i have 2 myself i also have a wordpresss account and youtube account bolth under lindy1233 if you have time check out my website usualy im up for all the parties the night before to be one of the first ones to see it finally i have alot of experience in this business i have a dad who makes software and i have learned alot from him so im realy hoping that this means alot to u so please pick me and thank you for all the help you have givven me on clubpenguin

  67. bubbleyone says:

    my name is bubbleyone and i love using your cheats i would really want to be one cause i use your cheats all the time and when i think about it i want to be a part of helping the site.
    ps. come on today!!!
    pizza parlor

  68. 999blb says:

    Hi Simmer,

    Here are the following things you need.

    1.) My email address is

    2.) I have never hacked or scammed anyone on CP nor on any online chat room.

    3.)Yes, I have a wordpress account it’s username is 999blb

    4.)Yes, I have a website, I have much expirence in CP, I joined in 2005 during the Beta Tester Party.

    5.) My penguin name on CP is 999blb

    6.) I think I should be a mod because I am really good with anything techy. Since I am techy my friends call me Techy Guy. Your site basically inspired me to make my website, so being a mod on your site would be an honor. I am very responceible and I’m very nice to all. Even if you have questions I can help. So good luck to all of you!


  69. snowball5004 says:

    1. I don’t have one. You can just comment on my abandoned wordpress site. I’ll check for yours every day if I can. I won’t let others see it.
    2. I never hacked or scammed. I don’t even know how to hack and I don’t want to.
    3. Snowball5004
    4. No but I play on a lot of websites. Except if you count my wordpress thing.
    5. Snowball5004
    6. I want to be a mod to help with the chatbox. I don’t want any coin codes, memberships, or rare penguins because I’d rather do it with just a few rewards. I’d do what you posted above on what mods can do with the chatbox. I go on Clubpenguin every Thursday and Friday and I have been playing since the middle of April 2008. (Meaning I’m very close to being a year old on Clubpenguin!)

  70. jazzyjboy says:

    Hey Simmer, 😀
    2..I’ve Never Hacked And Never Will
    6..I am very organized and will answer any questions that any one needs answering. I can do cool posts for you if i ask. I can make posts soon as the new stuff comes out, i have never been banned. Im 500 days old in 4 days 😀 ! ! Im on clubpenguin EVERY day !
    Waddle On

  71. pinguninja2 says:


    1:My email address:kikkapallo@hotmail.

    2:Never hacked or been hacked.That’s just stupid!You just get banned!

    3:My wordpress account is:pinguninja2

    And my youtube account is:IvalosCP

    4:I don’t have youtube channel.But I have website!Click my wordpress username to open it.I have lot of experience from wordpress!

    5:My penguin name is:Pingu Ninja2

    6:I can have coin codes,free memberships or rare penguins..But if you don’t have at that time..You don’t have to give anything!I wanna help with comments and chatbox.I think(and I hope you think)that I will be great moderator!

    Hope you pick me!

    -Pingu Ninja2

  72. invisable125 says:

    1. My msn is

    2. I don’t hack or scam because whats the point? Hacking and scamming are just time wasting words that should be gone forever!

    3. My wordpress account is invisable125, my website is and my email is

    4. I have 1 and a half years experience on wordpress. I know what almost each and every tool does!

    5. Invisable125

    6. I think you should make me a moderator because i have many years experience, good answers and views for answering comments. I answer comments in fluent, understandable and descriptable ways! I can point all penguins in the correct direction and give a brain storm (spider diagram) of ideas. I can help you with any artistic header designs or party invites, just ask! I want to be a moderator because i can give advice to you and other people about forums, websites and clubpenguin! Just ask and i can help! I am nice among other penguins!!

  73. invisable125 says:

    please accept my application. Please! I can see it at all so i dont know if the comment worked properly!

  74. invisable125 says:

    I had to make a change on my email. More info about it on my site though…… MSN is still the same!
    1. My msn is

    2. Never hacked or scamed and never been hacked or scammed!

    3. My wordpress account is invisable125, my website is and my email is

    4. I have 1 and a half years experience on wordpress. I know what almost each and every tool does!

    5. Invisable125

    6. I think you should make me a moderator because i have many years experience, good answers and views for answering comments. I answer comments in fluent and understandable ways! I can point all penguins in the correct direction and give help. I can help you with any artistic header designs or party invites, just ask! I want to be a moderator because i can give advice to you and other people about forums, websites and clubpenguin! Just ask and i can help! I am nice among other penguins!

  75. invisable125 says:

    I need to get ur email simmer because it wont let me comment my application at all!

  76. invisable125 says:

    1. My msn is
    2. Never hacked or scamed and never been hacked or scammed!
    3. My wordpress account is invisable125, my website is and my email is
    4. I have 1 and a half years experience on wordpress. I know what almost each and every tool does!
    5. Invisable125
    6. I am kind, sensible and can answer many questions! I will do a fantastic job! I’ve always wanted to help everyone out since i dont really have much to do normally 😛 Email me at my msn or my new email if you need more information!

  77. invisable125 says:
  78. invisable125 says:

    2. Never hacked or scamed and never been hacked or scammed!

  79. invisable125 says:

    3. My wordpress account is invisable125, my website is and my email is

  80. invisable125 says:

    3. My wordpress account is invisable125, my website is and my email is

  81. invisable125 says:

    4. I have 1 and a half years experience on wordpress. I know what almost each and every tool does!

  82. invisable125 says:

    5. Invisable125

  83. invisable125 says:

    6. I am kind, sensible and can answer many questions! I will do a fantastic job! I’ve always wanted to help everyone out since i dont really have much to do normally 😛 Email me at my msn or my new email if you need more information!

  84. invisable125 says:

    Thats the best way to show you my application without it failing 🙂

  85. Kaypoke says:

    Hello. I think I should be a moderator beacause I play the game fairly. I never have been banned. And I enjoy meeting new penguins. Speaking of that I usally be on Fjord and wool stock. I would love to meet all.

  86. ali says:


  87. Joey says:

    Name: Joey
    CP Name: oscor

    Hi. I’m a member on CP and I have been for 1098 days. I have the highest member badge ranking. I also have 769 Items. (not including house items). :). Me and tomcycle14 (in your comments) would be perfect because we LOVE CP!!! If you don’t believe me, ask me to send you a video!
    Plz plz plz plz plz pick us!!!

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