Club Penguin Times Issue #180

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released there 180th issue of the Club Penguin Times today. Surprisingly, it spoiled much more then I thought it would!


Club Penguin announced that on March 27, (tomorrow) 2009, they will release game gear! Game gear will be gear you can buy for mini-games all around Club Penguin. According to the Club Penguin Times, gear will be sold right next to the game where it can be used!

Hydrohopper gear will be sold at the Dock.

New Sled Racing gear will be sold on top of the Ski Mountain.

The Ski Lodge will be selling the rods that lure the Grey Fishes.

Surfboards will be sold at the Cove.


Club Penguin gave us another one of there long and boring articles about how Gary is inventing something and he was inspired by the Switchbox 3000. I would not have posted this if  I had not seen a sign at the bottom saying April Fools Party Coming April 1, 2009! This caught my attention because it also said that Gary will be leaving the Penguin Awards until April 2, 2009, the day after the April Fools Day Party begins on Club Penguin. If you ask me, here is what will happen.

Matre10 is right, Gary is designing a teleporter that will be in every room on Club Penguin. During the April Fools Day Party, if you take a wrong step, you will go into a room you weren’t in before. Gary is designing something like that clearly for the April Fools Day Party! If you disagree, please comment saying why and tell me what you think Gary the Gadget Guy is designing! Now for the current events.

Coming to Club Penguin on March 27, 2009 is as follows. Game gear becomes available around Club Penguin, a new pin is hidden, 5 more ice scupltures are displayed around Club Penguin, and finally, there will be a new Ninja Catalog!

Coming to Club Penguin April 1, 2009 is the April Fools Day Party!

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12 Responses to Club Penguin Times Issue #180

  1. keelers895 says:

    I agree! 😉

  2. angel2895 says:

    Yeah i just read the catalog and he is sooo building a teleporter. i can’t wait till’ tomarrow!! it’s gonna be awsome!!

  3. angel2895 says:

    Hey Simmer! i’m going to visit my home state Illinois this weekend!yay!! I’m showing all of my friends and family that gets on cp to look at ur site!!!!i will be in Illinois until Sunday. ♥Luv Ya♥ 🙂

    Simmer 27: Cool!! I live in Illinois!! Chicago lolz. Have fun!

  4. xman103 says:

    i agree he is a spy guy lol

  5. keelers895 says:

    Hey Simmer! Do you remember me?

  6. sniffles78 says:

    dear simmer27 i love your sight, but can you plz plz plz plz show what the penguin awards looks like inside and what the catalog has? thank you sniffles78

  7. Lolgurl}{ says:

    I agree! The april fools day party was my first party on CP and I loved it! Especially in the dojo, where u could walk on the walls! Awesome site!

  8. simmer27 says:

    like my new avatar?

  9. taytay038 says:

    YEA I totally love it!!! It look nice :]

  10. makee3 says:

    Awesome Site!
    I’ve been coming here to see if I missed anything for my weblog on Club Penguin cheats quite often!

    I like the new Icon!


  11. Mia says:

    ok. were is the ninja catolog

    Simmer 27: You have to be a ninja to get it. Check out my How to be a Ninja Page for Details.

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