Puffle O’s Pin & January – February Puffle Catalog Cheats

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin came out with a numerous cool new things today!


At the Town, Plaza, and Ski Village, there are banners that are hanging and boxes of things that are lying around all for one purpose, the puffle party.


The new pin is a box of Puffle O’s and can be found at the mine!


Club Penguin returned the Sports Stage today. There are new items in the costume trunk, log on to Club Penguin to find out what they are!

The hidden item in the costume trunk is the red viking helmet, you can get it by clicking on the red ball.


The free item in the puffle catalog is a grey puffle house. You can get it  by clicking on the brown flower.


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24 Responses to Puffle O’s Pin & January – February Puffle Catalog Cheats

  1. You missed a cheat! Click on the red guy with the sunglasses click on the dodgeball 😀


  2. yellpe says:

    there is a hidden item! it’s the strangest though. a red viking helmet in the costume trunk :O
    i think it’s on the third page. just click something there and the helmet will appear.

  3. Apom59 says:

    actually if you click the dodge ball
    on the guy with the sun glases you’ll
    see a viking helmet

  4. ben says:

    click on the dodgeball that the person on the red is holding and you can buy the viking helmet for 750 coins

  5. Sman2323 says:

    Simmer click on the 3rd page of the Costume truck. Click the dude holding the dodgeball (Red Glasses w/ shirt dude) Then you get the red vikings helmet

  6. Beagle79 says:

    Hey Simmer love your blog! But can you advertise your chatbox a little more? I’m always on it, but nobody else ever is!

  7. shayminraven says:

    missed one forest too

  8. Kyle says:

    I am happy for the Puffle Party.


  9. hbk399 says:

    click on the dodge ball on the page with eric on it for the red vicking helmet

  10. Kelsey says:

    I just wanted to let you know that there is a hidden item in the stage catalog. Go to the third page and click on the dodge ball the penguin is holding. There will be that red viking hat that’s in the catalog.

  11. Goldenlatios says:

    i wish he got a chat again tho.i miss everyone from the chat and my life is very boring without it
    i just stopped by to say hi!
    ur site is going great too!
    peace out!

  12. Goldenlatios says:

    but i cant believe hes back tho.
    i have been begging wordpress to get his site back.

  13. Goldenlatios says:

    hey u should getppl on ur chat.

  14. darts noah says:

    cheats in both of the catalogs:

    1. in the costume trunk go to page 3 and click the dodgeball in the red pengs hand
    2. in the puffle catalog click the brown flower on the 2nd or 3rd page in the catalog

    – darts noah

  15. thesource00 says:

    cool simmer!

  16. I think there is a Red Viking Helmet in the Stage Catalog.To get it,Click the red penguin’s dodgeball!


  17. Pochama999 says:

    Actually, there is a secret in the costume catalog click on the dodgeball the red guy is holding.

  18. kiwy604 says:

    hi simmer, thanks for this amazing cheats. I wanna ask you something how did you take this pictures plz replied, your number 1 FAN Kiwy604!!!!!

  19. Jellyboard says:

    Nice post!

  20. justinslem4 says:

    also check out my club penguin site at http://justinslem4.wordpress.com

  21. isabell455 says:


  22. Maggie8890 says:

    yo yo yo i love club penguin it is cool all my friends love puffles

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