New Play – Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal vs. Squidzoid

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin has returned the superhero play today, here are the cheats.


Unfortunetly, there isn’t a hidden item in the stage catalog.

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28 Responses to New Play – Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal vs. Squidzoid

  1. simmer27 says:

    What do you think of the new play?

    ~simmer 27

  2. mrfun5 says:

    I think it’s lame. Great post though! 🙂

  3. Jc4x4 says:

    Nice Post.


  4. survivor91 says:

    Hey Simmer! I am quite mad they keep bringing back stuff, but i think they might be working on the member event this Wednesday. 😀

  5. Sam 95 says:

    Cool ! i met ya once in Club penguin!

    ~*~Sam 95~*~

  6. Rabo4 says:

    I’m upset that they just put up that old one 😦

  7. blackbeard76 says:

    Hey Simmer awsome site!! I think the play is cool but i hope they make a new one soon. I have got a site to its I was wondering if you could work on it.

  8. orngyee says:

    Huge contest at my site!!!

  9. justinslem4 says:

    Hey check out my new site at
    And I like the new play

  10. Penguin14961267 says:


  11. Piplup_U says:

    I Think Its Fantastic!

  12. snowy1900 says:

    i love the new play!

  13. angel says:

    it’a kinda cool i’ve seen it before. and not haveing any cheats in the catalog doesn’t make it better.

  14. 27ht says:

    its cool

  15. hamruninu22 says:

    Hey everybody!!!

    I’m having a massive contest at my site!!!

    The prizes include a 1100 day old Member Penguin with 2nd pin, 4 other penguins and may many more prizes. So comment there for more points. For more info either click my name or visit the link below:


  16. Sman2323 says:

    I’m going to ask to get them tomorrow 🙂 Will I get lots of hits then?

  17. opasdus says:

    hey simer i have a treasure book cheat on page 4 of the treasure book click on the speaker to get blue football uniform plz give credit to opasdus

  18. drewdrewli says:

    aww man i wished they had put on a new play. guess they couldn’t think of any? lol
    great post!!

  19. makee3 says:

    Everyone I’m Having my 3,000 hits party on my site!!!!
    Everyones invited that goes to

  20. shadowhero says:

    pretty cool

  21. Cool Post!
    Comment Back @


    I need a new topic!

    PS: I am Kjcvi – We’re buddies on Club Penguin.

  22. flamemario12 says:

    Squidzord lost again 😦

  23. Penguin14961267 says:

    I wish they would come out with a new play because i think this play sorta lame!

  24. Johncena9491 says:

    I dont like the new play but nice post:)


  25. linkinjayz says:

    sweet post. I’m just going to check it out now. Click my name for a good cheat site.

  26. Buffboy15 says:

    I think it’s Kewl!

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