Newspaper – Issue #169

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin came out with a new newspaper today.


The next member party will be a Dance-A-Thon starting January 15! Now for the current events.

Coming January 9, 2009 – superhero’s return to the Stage.

Coming January 15, 2009 – Dance-A-Thon arrives and a new mini game.

Coming January 16, 2009 – New Igloo Catalog and a new pin is hidden.

Coming January 23 – 25, 2009 – Winter Fiesta arrives.

In other news, the coin contest giveaway has ended. Once all the comments have been approved the winners will be announced!

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8 Responses to Newspaper – Issue #169

  1. says:

    A mini game for member? Club penguin is cool.

  2. g4man says:

    i have FIVE rare penguins and four of them are about 1015 days old and one of them is a member!!!!!!!!
    there all in a contest to get one of them so visit my site
    -G4 man

  3. 27ht says:

    thats awesome

  4. cooco9 says:

    Oh I’m so excited!!! I hope I win.

  5. flubby123456 says:


  6. flubby123456 says:

    go to my site 😀

  7. flubby123456 says:

    wow. i can comment anything here.

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