AC 3000, Fireworks, and Series #2 Plush Toys Are Released

Hey Everyone!

The AC 3000 has returned to the Lodge Attic for the second time.


There is also a notice in the upper right corner telling us what February will bring us.


The snow is being stored for February! I think that Club Penguin will have an Ice Party in February. Don’t forget, this month’s party is the winter fiesta!


If you go to the Ski Mountain or the Iceberg, you can see New Year’s Fireworks.


The series 2 plush’s have been released! Each of these plush’s comes with a code that unlocks the second treasure book.

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15 Responses to AC 3000, Fireworks, and Series #2 Plush Toys Are Released

  1. simmer27 says:

    My Favorite plush is Gary. Whos your favorite?

    ~simmer 27

  2. jt 010 says:

    i like the football player but the new them is SO AWSOME what theme is it can i plz get a similiar theme to it I love the different shades of blue can i plz plz plz get a theme that is like this thise is the best theme i have seen out of everyones site 😦 i really want one like thise and if you need a css for this then can i get a css because idk how to get a css plz plz plz and I will do anything to get a theme like this

  3. bLuE bUrU says:

    Awesome CSS Simmer!
    ~Blue Buru~

  4. Matre10 says:

    Lol images dont load on my computer.It’s really slow here.

    Yay! My 3rd Winter fiestaval!
    I couldn’t attent February’s 07 ice party so I hope i can this year!


  5. Kentem says:

    Hmm… I like Gary too!

  6. 27ht says:

    mine is the gary one to and simmer can u email me on whos winning the comment contest so far i just want to know

  7. Huey 987 says:

    Mine is the Pajama

  8. Sman2323 says:

    I’m getting the toys on Friday. Gary is my favorite too. Simmer can you comment on my site plz.

  9. calfa says:

    i bought 3 Plushes

  10. simmer27 says:

    If anyone know’s, how can you pre-order a plush?

    Simmer 27

  11. Kyle says:

    I don’t know! I think you may be able to get one on e-bay , or by clicking “Toy’s” on the Club Penguin website homepage.


  12. Kyle says:

    I didn’t read this post until today , but when I saw the Mexican Fiesta Clothes in the catalog , I just KNEW it would be a fiesta and another reason I knew was because of the Fiesta music in your igloo!!


  13. Penguin14961267 says:

    call toysrus a order one i think?!

  14. Penguin14961267 says:

    i meant to say and

  15. Abyrisse07 says:

    i like gary too!
    he looks so cute there!

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