Newspaper – Issue #167

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Club Penguin came out with a new newspaper today.


The Coins for Change results are in! $300,000 was donated to sick children, $330,000 was donated to kids who can’t go to school and $370,000 was donated to refugees from war! Now for the current events.

December 26 – January 1 fireworks are visible at the Iceberg and Ski Mountain.

December 29 is when the Christmas party ends.

January 2, 2009 is when a new pin is hidden and a new clothing catalog is released!

What did you get for Christmas? Comment your answers!

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23 Responses to Newspaper – Issue #167

  1. 27ht says:

    wat i got for christmas simmer? well i got a EPF, lots of club penguin figures, the igloo playset, um a green ds and a big ball pool

  2. sishbob12 says:

    i got an i touch

    Simmer 27: Congrats!

  3. Angel says:

    hey simmer!I got a Nintendo DS with the new club penguin video game,my sims but i like the club penguin game better!lol
    Rock on Simmer!

  4. Angel says:

    oh you need to find out how to get the snow globe igloo!
    tnx your site rocks!
    Rock on simmer!!!

  5. Boomboom5435 says:

    i don’t know yet

  6. simmer27 says:

    I got CP on DS, 5 Codes, and a DS Lite!

  7. sniffles78 says:

    i got clubpenguin trading cards for card jitsu, i got a webkinz seahorse, i anilmal crossing for the wii, i got clothes (of course), i also got dance dance revolution hottest party 2 for the wii and i got other things too.

  8. Tub2 says:

    Hey Simmer! G and Coins for change Mail you you know!

  9. kleerofski says:

    I got club penguin toys. i got shadow guy and my lil bro got the space alien.

    I Unlocked:
    Green bunny Slippers
    1500 Coins

    My bro unlocked:
    Firefighter body outfit
    3000 Coins

    me any my lil bro where very happy with our club penguin toys and take them everywhere!! hope we get some more for next christmas!

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to simmer and all his fans!

  10. happyrosie says:

    Guess what? I got an Nintendo DS for christmas and I play it alot!

    I also got a super soaker and soaked my brother when we had a water fight! He soaked me of course and I soaked myself!

    I am getting club penguin toys for my birthday!

  11. 27ht says:

    im getting codes

  12. Beagle79 says:

    I got nothing. I’m Jewish

    Simmer 27: Cool! I’m Jewish too

  13. flubb says:

    i got left 4 dead its a game

  14. Dani sun (jenica) says:

    simmer i got a red and black ds, a whole bunch of nightmare before cristmas stuff, my sims for the wii, guitar hero for the ds, and the ds game Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force!!!!
    i havent got to try out the ds games but i will tonight cus i dont have the ds with me
    oh and if i come off as a guy i am actually a girl

  15. Tomcycle14 says:

    1. Cell Phone
    2. Video Camera
    3. Skateboard

    IM SO HAPPY!! 🙂

  16. kaburi says:

    i got an mechinical pencil, cloths, blanket, and a big doll

  17. fegfgrfgrvba says:

    i got lazer tag, gorillaz CMYK figures, EPF,5 plushes,sorry,be 10 race against time, tales of beetle the bard. the figures costed about 100 bucks!

  18. Angel says:

    ok i would of gotten some CP dolls but they were sold out and there wasn’t anywhere else that sold them any where near by!:(

  19. essyoy says:

    i got a camera and a racing game

  20. Anmere says:

    I got a Kung Fu Panda DVD, fabric paints and a puzzle maker. Nothing related to CP but if I use a CP pic and turn it into a puzzle it will be nice

  21. YOYOGIRL74 says:

    i got all the puffles an cell phone and a aother ds now i have 3

    AND 6 codes

  22. littleg1000 says:

    Hi! Im new to this site, but the secrets really helped me! Finally, I know how to get the gingerbread house and fruit hat, and ALOT of things!

  23. littleg1000 says:

    For christmas, I got the new Clubpenguin DS game from santa! I played and I loved it! Do you have it and do you love it?

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