Treasure Book #2 Cheats, New Login Screen, and the Contest Results!

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin came out with a new treasure book today and returned many all-time favorites. Here are some pictures of the treasure book catalog.


Club Penguin returned the Eye Patch, Lighthouse T-Shirt, and came out with the Black Bandana!


Club Penguin returned the Snowflake T-Shirt and the Pink Bunny Slippers!


Club Penguin returned the Balerina costume as well.


Of course, there are new exclusive items.

The other items that you can find in the Treasure Book are the Quest for the Golden Puffle items. Secret Agent items, Christmas Items and more! Using a code that comes with a puffle you can un-lock the new catalog. How long do you think Club Penguin will keep doing returning rare items like this? Comment your answers!

In other news, Matre and I have finished moderating all the comments for the 1000 day old penguin giveaway and have the results. Bweezy95 has one first place in the 1000 day old penguin giveaway! Bweezy I have emailed you the password so you can have your penguin moved to your parent account from mine! In second place for my coin contest giveaway we have Andreasmich! He wins 2 weeks on my blogroll. In third place for my coin contest giveaway we have Coldy Guy! Coldy Guy gets to star in 10 of my funny pictures.

Due to the major uses of the login on two penguins at once cheat, Club Penguin has updated the login screen. The login on to to two penguins at once cheat no longer works due to this update.  Here is a picture of the current login screen.


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18 Responses to Treasure Book #2 Cheats, New Login Screen, and the Contest Results!

  1. Bald Cat 12 says:

    How many comments did those people have?

  2. simmer27 says:

    Bweezy had 1000 comments. I will be posting a new contest on Saturday!

    Simmer 27

  3. Anonymous says:

    A new contest? Saturday? For what?


  4. Kyle says:

    A new contest!?!?! Awsome! Hey Simmer27 , can I meet you at the Dock on the server “Tundra”?????
    My penguin name is Kikersonic , he is wearing Ninja suit with red cap and paddle ball with the red backpack and black agent shoes , like you see on my Gravatar.
    Meet me in 15min if you meet me at all please! Thanks!


  5. Sman2323 says:

    I says the book hasn’t come out yet. I keep getting treasure book 1. How do I go to treasure book 2

    Simmer 27: You need one of the new plush’s that comes out in a few weeks or a Code from a Puffle

  6. Sman2323 says:

    Oh yea there is a new screen when you log in club penguin. I think it is really cool

  7. bojab123 says:

    Hey Simmer!
    Oh darn it, Clubpenguin is bringing back old items again! When will they stop! Haha. Anyways, how are you?

  8. blip says:

    who won the thousand day old penguin?

    Simmer 27: Bweezy95

  9. Dudett44 says:

    hey, u kno. with the two penguins on at once cheat, u dont have to do the “click disney” anymore. u can just log in a s many as u want. the orange message saying “multiple somwthing detected” doesnt come up anymore! yay! but thnx for the glitch when it DID work!!!

    xox Dudett44

  10. simmer27 says:

    Hey Guys!

    I know you think wumbo one but the thruth is, he claimed to hav 1540 but he never commented the first 1000 comments. Really, wumbo had a total of 540 comments.

    ~simmer 27

  11. Mr Urban123 says:

    hey simmer Merry Christmas!! see u on clubpengguin!!

  12. Ray Toolbear says:

    Sup Simmer27 its Ray Toolbear. I have 130 000 hits and has an average of 20 people online 😉 and I added you too my blogroll, it would be great if you added me back.

  13. gardenax says:

    Dear Simmer27,

    I’m here to wish you a safe and happy holidays. Rememer, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Merry Christmas! Here’s a small poem:

    It is Christmas Time
    A time of joy, peace, and happiness
    A time for us to all gather
    To celebrate much we rather
    May you always be protected
    Though it might not be exactly as you expected
    But with your family, you’re reconnected.

    🙂 Gardenax 🙂

    Please pass this message down, you don’t have to give me credit for it.

  14. :) says:

    how im can to get the book?????

  15. Wumbo6789Pie says:

    ummmm how did i not comment 1540 times?
    sorry for asking but i just was curios.

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Lux1200 says:

    Hey whats up Simmer

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