Christmas Party Sneak Peek #2

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin realesed a second Christmas party sneak peek today.


This sneak peek tells us what the Night Club will look like during the Christmas party! Club Penguin also put up some boxes with Christmas decorations up.


There are boxes at the Town and Ski Village! The boxes at the town contain snow.


The boxes at the town have giant candy canes? We will find out December 19!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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7 Responses to Christmas Party Sneak Peek #2

  1. sman2323 says:

    The beach contains a hat

  2. darts noah says:

    theres boxes at the cove too!

  3. yey hes unbanned Simultaneous is unbanned

  4. logan629 says:

    just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Jet puggie21 says:

    ( comment 3) the Christmas party is cool, but were is the fireworks?

  7. miay12 says:

    thanks for the info it was so helpful i got a cheat for you at the end of a old book there is a wristband click on it and get it for free
    bye miay12

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