December Catalog Sneak Peek!

Club Penguin has realesed there second sneak peek in two days! This catalog going to be based on Christmas and the month of December!


There is a possibility we will be able to dress up as snowmen. What do you think, comment your answers!

Do you guys want to win a free Club Penguin coin code? If so, then Click here!

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9 Responses to December Catalog Sneak Peek!

  1. cheatgnome says:

    You may be able to buy club penguin snow man suites in the catalog! That would be cool! Don’t you think?

  2. boorex says:

    i hope it is a snow man costume

  3. simmer27 says:

    Can’t wait 4 for the catalog! 😀

  4. A Casper2222 says:

    Hey simmer its A Casper2222 we played find four and sled raced together I had alot of fun.I like your site its really cool,I have one of my own too.

    _A Casper2222_

  5. RLNeas14 says:

    hi nice website! my AIM s/n(screan name) is: xsweetescape15

  6. katie says:

    i now what the answer is for the code is it 30,oo07:)

  7. Huda says:

    Do u guys reali play dis kind of stuff? Ur all alredy grown ups. Dnt b so childish. Lols. Make ur own decisions

  8. Thanks for posting this very helpful information; I happened to come to your blog just searching around the web. Please keep up the good work!

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