Card-Jitsu Updates and Server Problems

Hey Everyone!

Many of you have probably been having some problems playing Card-Jitsu this days. Since Card-Jitsu is Club Penguin’s most popular game, and over 1 million people play the game at once, the game has been slowing down the servers a-lot.

A way to play the game faster is change your Club Penguin language to Portuguese! The Portuguese servers are less populated then the American servers and will load faster.

Click here for Simmer 27’s new chat!

Waddle On!


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32 Responses to Card-Jitsu Updates and Server Problems

  1. Piplup_U says:

    Yea…Nice Post Matre! It’s Been A Long Time Since I’ve Come Here Too… 🙂

  2. Justrokstar says:

    awesome check out the old!it has a new update.

  3. Prettygal60 says:

    yeah that is true cuz it happened to me lots of times

  4. Tub2 says:

    This is true because once I login to a server it dosen’t even load
    I don’t like frozen because it is slow
    I like hibernate because it always works

  5. unknown says:

    I lost my purple belt because of that.
    P.s. My bro lost his red belt also.

  6. Yellpe says:

    may i ask what color is your belt simmer? 😀 please post and reply

  7. Sportstick says:

    I have a cheat for the card game.
    Here it is:
    Dont do anything until the time runs out. Then ,the computer picks a card for you. At first you might not win, but believe me you will win.

    I got my orange belt doing that.

  8. Justrokstar says:

    Justrokstar’s 10,000 Hits!

    Come And Join Us For A Celebration! Meet New People!
    Where: At Mikel Myers Igloo On Map!
    When: November 23,08
    Server: Sleet
    Time: 3 PM PST
    I Will Be Adding Ten People While Mikel Myers Will Be Adding 20!
    We Will Be Recording And Taking Pics!
    Don’t Forget, Two People Will Be Shown On Our Site!
    Hope You Can Make It!

  9. d354d says:

    hey Simmer remember me you gave me a post card?
    Well could you help me get hits at my site I don’t know how you become famous like me ok

  10. starjonas249 says:

    Club Penguin is like having probs and i am like cuz of that and all my friends are having all of the same problems anyway I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE LC #5 COMES OUT WOOT!!!!!! LET IT ROCK!

  11. ALEXIS says:

    um im not sayin ur a liar its just can i see a picture of the orange puffle

  12. girl34561 says:

    Near the tours? What do u mean? Are they starting a new rumor get into action? O.o

  13. cpcheatsguy says:

    hi cpcheatsguy here www,

  14. simmer27 says:

    I found internet in NEW YORK! I will be on a little, just so you know! i wont beable to post much though until i get back to Chicago.

    il be on more next week!

    Also, is there any famous land-mark in NY that you think i should see?

    I have seen the following:

    Statue of Liberty
    Ellis Island
    Metropolitan Museum
    Empire State Building
    Christlar Building
    Central Park
    Rockefeller Center
    The Today Show

    Any ideas?

    Simmer 27

  15. Yoyogirl74 says:

    Hey Simmer! Can you go on at 4:45 today? Sever will be Tundra and I`ll be at the coffee shop with a couple friends. See ya there!

  16. jt 010 says:

    will u plz make me a mod on the new bribble chatbox plz plz plz i will be agreat mod and i will help u keep ppl who dont follow the rules away from this chatbox and i will advertise it on my site

  17. jt 010 says:

    will u plz make me a mod on the new bribble chatbox plz plz plz i will be agreat mod and i will help u keep ppl who dont follow the rules away from this chatbox and i will advertise it on my site

  18. 27ht says:

    hello there my name is 27ht i wish to be a mod here so ill comment every hour ill respect others and maybe even give away free codes and memberships if i can be a mod here

  19. Matre10 says:

    Statue of liberty and Central Park of course Simmer! 😀


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  21. ksonic says:

    Portugues is a good idea!

  22. starjonas249 says:

    I am so flippen mad cuz my freaken computer isn’t working for club penguin and all of the other computers my friends have r working just perfectly and my labtop isn’t I am so mad!!!! Anyway lol Simmer should go to the biggest Starbucks in the world in NYC in the empire state building!!!!! (Hint i love starbucks)

  23. jt 010 says:

    can i be a modeator plz plz plz i will be good at it

  24. jt 010 says:

    plz make me a moderator i will be on it alot plz plz plz

  25. jt 010 says:

    plz make me a moderator i will be on it alot plz plz plz
    ~jt 010~

  26. jt 010 says:

    how come no one is ever on his new chatbox ❓ ❗ plz go on it someyime

  27. jt 010 says:

    and simmer how old r u in real life r u younger than 10 or older than 10 im just asking and is ur real name jonah noel and is that ur facebook because if it is u then i got ur e-mail

  28. jt 010 says:

    if u dont wanna tell ppl ur real name or age u can email me if u want too

  29. jt 010 says:

    and plz visit my new site i spent along time making my new header on it 🙂 it is cool i think will u tell me if u like it plz ❗ and i found out how to make the ! on a face like this : ! : but no space

  30. Chublet10010 says:

    thanks for being my buddy on clubpenguin i have waited sooooooooo long for that.


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