Newspaper #161, Ninjas Revealed, and More!


Hey Everyone!

 A new Newspaper came out today. There is a-lot of announcements in this paper so lets get started!


The Dojo keeper is a Sensei! Like I predicted, the Dojo keeper is thanking us for helping him dig out the Dojo and in return, he will train us to be Ninjas. Training begins November 17, 2008 at the Dojo.


The training will be doing a Card-Jitsu! Once you have mastered that technique, you will become a ninja! The Dojo has a grand re-opening November 14-16, 2008! Can you throw a playing card, as in make it go over 30 feet in the air? It’s a known hobbie, in-fact, me and my friends do it occasionally. My best is 75 feet with a playing card, can anyone top that? Comment if you can! 😉

Club Penguin also realised an advertisement for there Nintendo DS Game coming to stores November 25, take a look!

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Now for the current events:

November 14 – 16, Dojo’s Grand Opening.

November 17, Ninja training begins at the Dojo.

November 21 – December 11, new play at the Stage.

November 21 – December 4, new pin hidden.

November 21, new Igloo Catalog!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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9 Responses to Newspaper #161, Ninjas Revealed, and More!

  1. Shimbo37 says:

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    Time: 5pm PST
    Server: Tundra
    Room: Shimbo37’s Igloo
    Why: 1000 Hits

    Ps. Bring PJs and a teddy

    Please come!

  2. azizon6 says:

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  3. Trainman1405 says:

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  4. vicxyz says:

    lol nice random throwing card thing 😀

  5. Justrokstar says:

    lol 25 feet for me. 🙂

  6. sman2323kool says:

    Hey you beat me no fair.
    Mine is 74ft. 11inches jk.
    I can throw far like 60-80ft. I also guessed it was a Sensei too, Like we predicted

  7. Matre10 says:

    Yay! Finnaly! Ninjas!

  8. 78blly says:

    Wow you can trnsfer your coins to your penguin account. Wicked wicked skill skill!

  9. pingu104 says:

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