LJ Productions Returns!

Hey Everyone!

I am pleased to inform you that LJ Productions has returned! We have also came out with a new video, check it out!

Click here and Subscribe!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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9 Responses to LJ Productions Returns!

  1. Matre10 says:

    Awesome! Good luck LJ!


  2. Johncena9491 says:

    Super!! but simmer add me plz

    your fan,

  3. grandbeach11 says:

    I dont know if you already have it in your blog, i might have missed it but if you go to page A2 of the newspaper and The one that says Lightning Strikes the Dojo. if you click on the n, i and n of lightning and jo of dojo a secret message pops up. it’s really cool and i hope you reply.

    your newest fan: Grandbeach11

  4. jt010 says:

    hey nice video when will u put a new video i cant wait till u come out with ur next one and plz comment on my site and plz come to my party

  5. sman2323kool says:

    I’m asking 2 questions. 1 Matre why do you never go on your youtube anymore. 2 am I able to work you with you guys since I’m now high tech with videos and blogging.

  6. jttye says:

    Please go to this site I only have 200 hits and I HAVE A CONTEST!

  7. -Noogie_DOOM says:

    remember me simmer?From the bribble chat.

  8. sman2323kool says:

    Simmer and Matre please answer my questions

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