Dojo Construction – Map Update – NINJAS ON CLUB PENGUIN!

Hey Everyone!

The Halloween party may be over but the November updates continue, take a look!

Dig Out the Dojo! Apparently, an avalanche has occurred berrying the Dojo! Go on Club Penguin to see for yourself!

Club Penguin has realesed the Hard Hats to the public again! Go to the Dojo to get one!

Club Penguin has came out with a new map! Any change made to Club Penguin will register on this map!

There is a penguin that you will find on top of the Dojo. This penguin is on every server and doesn’t have a name! I think I figured November out. This guy is the Dojo keeper, and anything ninja related has always had something to do with the Dojo! In 2006, when the Ninja items were realesed for that mear 5 minutes, you could find those ninja items in the Dojo. In the 2008 easter egg hunt, there was a ninja egg located in the Dojo. Ninja shadows can be found threw out Club Penguin. This penguin is the Dojo keeper and a ninja. My prediction is that we (the players of Club Penguin) will dig out and save the Dojo. To thank us, the Dojo keeper will throw a Ninja party and the Ninja free items will become available to the public! This is only a prediction, I may not be right. Here is a Ninja Spoile, credit to Bergeron4444 and Jc4x4:

Alright, click HERE to go the Swf File.

Click the Green Box, you will see ninjas hoping around from corner to corner.

Their are 3, but I was only able to get good pictures of two of them.


Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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42 Responses to Dojo Construction – Map Update – NINJAS ON CLUB PENGUIN!

  1. simmer27 says:

    These updates are really cool!

    The map update was much needed.

    What do you guys think??

    ~Simmer 27

  2. Gabby says:

    i think that you have to find codes hidden all over club penguin to allow you to be friends with the dojo keeper/ninja to also get free ninja gear.

  3. wubzy82 says:

    1. for the members of the PSA he could
    a-be herbert in disquise
    b-a penguin held by hostage to dig a hole through CP and rule it
    2. he could be a ninja trainer because you can tell by the chineese hat
    3. some hacker

  4. Jayleen says:

    i think that 2 but at first i had a feeling it would b a nija

  5. zsxd says:

    I bet your prediction will be true!

  6. matthew hoyt says:

    i jope u r right.that would be SWEET.

  7. bojab123 says:

    i agreee..

  8. djfizzizzle says:

    yeah cause during the party there was a ninja for more information goto

  9. jt010 says:

    hi nice post i saw u there when u took the pictures awsome 🙂

  10. ?????? says:

    How do you get the shovel?

  11. ?????? says:

    so you know me? he he he

  12. snowball5004 says:

    The shovel is from an old catalog. The person digging is the ninjas leader. He probably has a ninja puffle. I have a new idea for a stage play Kung Foo Penguin! Idk what Im saying now its just random.

  13. Abyrisse07 says:

    uhmm simmer you have to read this plz
    i have updates about the ninja
    i saw them went to the dojo!!!!
    its 10:53 pm monday!!!!
    i hope u can read this

  14. clubpenguink says:

    hey simmer27 i might have an idea about that guy at the Dojo : I thinks He is the Dojo Sensei and he will begin training ninjas ! I think this will be sorta like being a Secret Agent.You will have to do certain things and then you can become a real Club Penguin Ninja

  15. simmer27 says:

    Great idea Clubpenguink! Could be! My friend and i think it could be a play, who knows?

    Definetly ninjas are going to be on club penguin!

    Simmer 27

  16. Matre10 says:

    Awesome! Except for the dojo destruction… I love the new map! It looks like 3D!


  17. DirkD says:

    I added you to our blogroll

  18. Anonymous says:

    where is my entry for club penguin

  19. girl34561 says:

    I found this out on another blog, (I don’t remember who’s it is) ?????? spells ninjas! Ninjas has 6 letters, and there r 6 question marks!!!! 😀 😆

  20. unlucky i bet ya to it !

  21. Hey! I was just browsing through you’re site and saw this post. I would like to thank you for giving credit to me, You’re like the only one who has to far.

    Keep up the great work!


  22. sman2323kool says:

    I found out a lot of stuff,but I didn’t know that the ninjas are still in the window. I thought they left after the Halloween party. Also the penguin with question marks means sensei=6 ??????


  23. lovebug123 says:

    i think its good but i cannot find G and i was on and Sman2323 was on and i saw he found G! i can’t find him!

  24. simmer27 says:

    G left Club Penguin.

    mabye we will get to meat this ??????? penguin next?

    Simmer 27

  25. shawn1202 says:

    they realsed the ninja items i thought they didnt after they got hack!

  26. coolpuffey29 says:

    my prediction is that the “dojo keeper” lives on the mountain in a big ninja house and he will let us in and bring us his ninja close and have a party at his house
    and we can get some cool new items.

    or he’ll just be another penguin like g or the penguin band.

  27. coolpuffey29 says:

    my prediction is that the “dojo keeper” lives on the mountain in a big ninja house and he will let us in and bring us his ninja close and have a party at his house
    and we can get some cool new items.

  28. You’re already on my blogroll. You we’re added onto it yesterday i think. Comment back when you’ve added me to yours.


  29. djfizzizzle says:

    guys get real he is a ninja trainer my dad know of the hat he also said there very little ku-fu masters left in the world…
    any way abvoe all the post are nice

  30. Obama 😛


  31. Dj Fizzizzle says:

    jt010 have comment on my site?

  32. Oneurt says:

    why can you add mew850 to ur blogroll simmer27? He added u to his site and he has 200,000.

  33. Oneurt says:

    also i would like a job here plz. AWESOME SITE MAN!

  34. Boomboom5435 says:

    what green box

  35. djfizzizzle says:

    you don’t hes worong( srry simmer ) it comes every ten spt min

  36. aussie229 says:

    Click my name for a commenting contest! It is a MEMBER 630 day old penguin!


  37. snowball5004 says:


  38. sman2323kool says:

    Simmer I got a wordpress instead of a blog

  39. shawn says:

    what green box

  40. Jason Bronco says:

    can u give me the link to the 2006 ninja items?

  41. Jason Bronco says:

    Pretty cool simmer from

  42. jidoublemy says:

    if he’s the dojo keeper, where has he been the last 3 years, on the roof?

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