Newspaper #159

Hey Everyone!

I am sorry for not posting much, I have been really busy! I am glad to say I am back. Now lets start with the new newspaper!

There isn’t much new in this newspaper, ACCEPT for the fact that Club Penguin realesed more igloo contest winners!

Go on Club Penguin to look!

Now for the current events:

The Halloween Party will continue until November 2nd.

November 5 – 6 there will be fireworks at the Iceberg and Ski Village.

November 7, 2008 is a new clothing catalog!

Have a great Halloween!

Simmer 27

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7 Responses to Newspaper #159

  1. the newspaper is cool but cp delayed another thing the stage!


  2. cpwoton says:

    They actually chose some good igloos this time! The last igloo contest they chose some horrible igloos!


  3. Justrokstar says:

    Cool Post!

  4. jt 010 says:

    DO U KNO Y IM MAD BRIBBLEBOT IS THE PROBLEM HE WONT LET US TALK I LIKE CAPS LOCK BETTER y do u not have a chatbox anymore it is briblebot i hate him he is mean plz get urs back plz plz

    plz get it back
    jt 010

  5. kylebrock7 says:

    remember me?
    comment back, and I know, my sites a mess

  6. jt010 says:

    hey simmer i added u to my blogroll plz add me to urs and im not using ur chatbox any more but bribblebot keeps kicking me out of it sry for not using it anymore but plz add me to ur blogroll

    keep waddeling
    jt 010

  7. snowball5004 says:

    You can just switch rooms theres no bribble bot in the second and last room!

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