200,000 Hits Party Reveiw!

Hey Everyone!

My party was terrific! Here is a video:

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The winners:

Flareon95 wins a link to her youtube. Click here for it!

Mmopuk wins 100 credits to my Awards shop page!

Here is Matre10’s party review:

I had a great time at the party, and I became friends with many new people.

Here are some things we did in:

This was 5 minutes before the party started.

Then we played Find Four! Good game to everyone I played!

After some games we went sled racing…

I won every sled race that I competed in!! 😀

Then we went to Simmer 27’s igloo!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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36 Responses to 200,000 Hits Party Reveiw!

  1. mmopuk says:

    Thx for adding me, plz dont ever remove.

  2. Ray Toolbear says:


  3. darts noah says:

    matre10 added me!!

  4. jackspar says:

    The Party was Awesome! I was there, and Matre10 buddied me, WOOT! Can’t wait for the video!

    Please visit my NEW CP WordPress blog at http://clubpenguincheatsjd.wordpress.com

  5. flatoe says:

    Hey Simmer, it’s Flatoe and i’m in charge of Cfai Unknown’s site now. can you plz add http://cfaiunknown3.wordpress.com to your blogroll? your on mine.


  6. Agentkong101 says:

    Cool! Check out my site…
    becuase theres a contest going on…
    a Penguin Giveaway at:

  7. girl34561 says:

    hahaha I’m on ur chatbox right now. no one else is there!!! UGGGHHH!

  8. girl34561 says:

    go on the chayboz pplz I’m getting bored!!!!

  9. girl34561 says:

    oops I mean chatboX not chatboz

  10. girl34561 says:

    awww… u left! o well. Now I can brag to my friends that I talked to a famous penguin. lol

  11. girl34561 says:

    to bad I missed ur party. 😦

  12. weshnog says:

    Dude that was an AWSOME party! Thank you Thank you Thank you for adding me, i have met alot of famouse penguins, but you were one of the first to ever add me as their buddy!!!!!

    Plese never remove me!

  13. Piplup_U says:

    😦 …I missed the coolest party…worst of all SIMMER deleted ME!!!…..

  14. sman2323 says:

    I am so sad I missed it I had so much on my schedule. 😦 Was there going to be a surprise for me or not, but I had a great birthday which was a good thing.

  15. shawn1202 says:

    i was there at the end at simmer 27;s igloo!

  16. Matre10 says:

    Yep,I beet everyone 😀

  17. higuyby says:

    i wanted to be his buddy

  18. Matre10 says:

    I hope Jc comes back 😥

  19. Ceptor99 says:

    I love the song “Are You Ready” My favoriite band is Three Days Grace. Cool post by the way!

  20. I Rok Dude says:

    Nice site!
    Cool post!
    Comment back

  21. Flareon 95 says:

    Thank you for adding me at my link to my youtube, Simmer 27! You’re awesome! And by the way, I’m a boy.


  22. Flareon 95 says:

    Also, I captured a pic as well:


  23. girl34561 says:

    That video was awesome! I wonder what it’s like being a famous penguin!

  24. hamruninu22 says:

    Hey everybody

    Im having a rare penguin giveaway contest at my website


    Also advertise my contest to have a more chance yo win this penguin


  25. Mirelrapid says:

    cool party! i am in the vid and in one of the pictures! u rock!

  26. al200cpcheats says:

    Awesome, and did you notice theres Dark Crow200 in one of the pictures? Awespme man you rule

  27. Fuzzy Goles says:

    sad Jc4x4 is gone but awsime party simmer

  28. Eskimoe16 says:

    I WAS IN DA VID!!! YAY!!! BTW Simmer, not to like anooy u in all… ut howcome i didnt be a winner?? i was ther the WHOLE time and i thought i was VERY nice 2 u… wtvr. 😐 thx for addin me though! bye!!!

  29. jackspar says:

    Hey, cool vid! I noticed that you clicked my penguin Jackspar5’s player card. Lol. Again, the party was sweet!!

    Please visit my NEW CP WordPresss blog at http://clubpenguincheatsjd.wordpress.com

  30. GÖÂlkËÈPËR7 says:

    hey simmer i know dogb6 i can never make to it partys i have sports a lot and my brothers sports its like everyday after 3:00 pst i have sports

  31. GÖÂlkËÈPËR7 says:

    and cool css

  32. dj fizzizzle says:

    look at me you can’t see my name but am on the frist pic and in the vid!!!!!!!

  33. clubpenguinmrchamp2 says:


  34. john says:

    hi shimmer can i copy of your house???

  35. floop400 says:

    heyy ppl simmer can u add me plz!!!!!
    AND EVERY ONE HERE ADD ME [FLOOP400]!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!


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