Club Penguin Stage and Pin!

Update: Ral123 won the rare penguin. Ral had commented over 1500 times! Congrats Ral123!

Hey Everyone!

There is a new LJ networks video! Check it out:

Don’t be offended by the animation that makes fun of tipping the iceberg. I liked every other part of the animation but taking that first scene out would not have let the animation make sense!!

Rate, Comment, Favorite and Subscribe!!

Next for the new pin:


The new pin is a Magnifying Glass and is located at the Dock!!

Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Dark Detective’s Coat.

To get the secret background,go the last page and click the ‘How Do I get coins’ sign. Then pull down. You will see a city background!

Credit to Watex for this:

  1. Go to the Stage
  2. Click the things in the following order: File Cabinet, Trashcan, Book, Vase, Painting
  3. Click the Safe behind the painting.
  4. You now have the Ruby pin!

Here is a picture of the stage:

Enjoy the Stage!!

Simmer 27

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24 Responses to Club Penguin Stage and Pin!

  1. Boomboom5435 says:

    which vase?!

  2. Matre10 says:

    Awesome post! So near 200 k!!

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  4. Club Penguin says:

    Thanks for sharing all the info.

  5. mrmunky says:

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  7. cheatgnome says:

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  9. simmer27 says:

    so close to 200k!!

  10. Caligirl998 says:

    Hey simmer! What do you to when you subscribe? Thanks! ~Cali

  11. chetlu671 says:

    So Close!

  12. mmopuk says:

    Simmer, If you have a 200,000 hits party, is it possible if you make it no later than 12pm pst. Is that k?

    Your friend and no1 fan,mmopuk.


  13. starjonas249 says:

    YO NO MILEY SONG PLEZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Piplup_U says:

    lol “The 7 Things I Hate About You” i’ve heard that song…It’s like “The 7 Things I Like About You”…People these days…ROFL!!!!THIS VID ROCKS!!!!

  15. Boomboom5435 says:

    hey! in the episode 3 on the scam part you should have used the super smash bros. hammer! that would’ve awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. cpwoton says:

    Yo Simmer! Great post! Congrats on being Chewy’s Penguin of the Day!

  18. Wittlepuff says:

    Hey can you go to the server mittens at 5:15 today? Meet at dock. Please I really wanna add you


  20. looly 10 says:

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  21. mora says:

    hello hola como les va quiero que me manden un mail que diga esto….querda mora te queremos decir que hay una pagna plena de pins y no son para los members si lo leiste mandalo denuevo

    almenos algo asi.

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