Clothing Catalog and Wig Catalog!

Hello Everyone!

I want to make sure you see this video:

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Next for the only hidden item in the wig catalog:

Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Spikete!

Next for the Clothing Catalog!

Click the Penguins Beak for the Mixed Bracelets.

Click anywhere inside the highlighted for the Jaded Necklace.

Click on the Puffle for the Viking Helmets, credit to Jc4x4.

Unfortunelty, the Blue Coat was brought back. This item was one of the rarest until today.

Next for some news about the stage!

The stage will be updated! The updates will be finished a week from today!

Also this is what Simmer 28 will look like from now on. I really like this look and am going to keep it for my penguin! Don’t worry, Simmer 27 isn’t banned.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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23 Responses to Clothing Catalog and Wig Catalog!

  1. momodude says:

    hey Simmerhow are you can you please tell me who won the 800+ penguin i though i won with 602 posts csn you check it out my email is

    thank you and also thanks for the details i needed them

  2. Awesome post man! Disney brought the Blue Coat back… sigh.

    Comment backZ!


  3. Matre10 says:

    Awesome video and post!

  4. plesentos118 says:

    hey penguin is plesentos118. and this is my weblog.Do you like my blog???please add my site on your brogroll.BYE

  5. Mello 123456 says:

    awsome video!! 🙂 🙂

  6. Md Girl 314 says:


    Does anybody want or need any help on their sites? I already handle my 2 sites and fbiagent96 and bluwaddles and littlerockyr’s site, but I’m bored with CP and would rather be working on site updating and such. Check out both my sites. Just click on my name to see my wordpress and from their you can click the link to see my tripod. I’m good at what I do and I’m an honest person, I’m not going to do anything to your sites. I just like updating and designing.

  7. Piplup U says:

    That’s cool they brought back the Blue Coat I HOPE THEY KEEP ON BRINGING BACK RARE ITEMS!!!

  8. cpwoton says:

    Hey Simmer! Your site’s really going well! I can’t belive Disney brought back the Blue Coat…. Okay, actually I can believe it. 😕


  9. Matre10 says:

    Hey Simmer!

    Here’s my woderwall video!:

    That has what you asked me.And the other one im working on is way more better and it’s being uploade right now!



  10. Chiordi says:

    Hey! i love ur site its soooooo cool! i had a question im looking for an old penguin to replace mine. do you have any you dont want? if you do plzz e-mail me one of them plzzzzzz! i dont ban.

  11. Labydog says:

    I’m Labydog I have hardly any visitors on my site.
    Could some people come to my site and make a comment the address is

  12. Neodoever says:

    Hey simmer, it’s me Neodoever over here. I hope you didn’t forget me. Please may I join LJ Productions? And by the way from where you left off, your site is devloping really good, and your become a greater star day by day!

    Your True Friend,

  13. Doughnut861 says:

    Hello Simmer,

    We’re having a super-rare penguin contest at check it out! We have it parent accounted, so that means if you win you get to choose whatever password you want for them, and noone else will know.


    Doughnut861 😀

  14. momodude says:

    here is my forum join all of you for secrets and compituions

  15. Koool Queen says:

    hey.. has ur penguin ever been banned?

  16. pastrmi says:

    hi simmer, i just wanted to drop a note saying that on the side u have that the “blue mail bag” is currently a free item. This is not true in all cases because some people may have deleted that by now so it is not available to all penguins. good site buhbai

  17. 1Wally15 says:

    Awesome cheats my friend. Keep up the awesome work!
    Over n out!

  18. JessikaS says:

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  20. yoyogirl74 says:

    daer simmer,dont deleate me or blue im yoyo remember well dont deleate me or blue bye thatnks

  21. Jitsu Jedi says:

    Plz tell were the blue postman bag is plz

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