Newspaper #151

The new newspaper came out today, here’s some Information about it.

It talks about the Contruction of the new Stage thats coming out on the 12th.

It also talks about the new Catalog coming out Tomorrow.

Here’s the New Events.

  • September 5th -New Big Wigs Catalog -New Clothing Catalog
  • September 12th -New Play at the Stage
  • September 19th -New Better Igloos Catalog

Tomorrow, I will have a list of all the Working Coin Cheats for Everyone, with pictures, video guides, and More!

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9 Responses to Newspaper #151

  1. Ninja boy1 says:

    Hey Cool Post,
    Comment Back~

  2. CPfan.......if only it were free.....-_- says:

    sweet post! um r there 28 carpets? if i am 2 L8 tell me plz. 🙂
    luv yall!
    -Pmanning80 -_- <==sleep mode

  3. katie says:

    how did u get sooooo much coins?do like have noo puffles?

  4. Mitchell says:

    did you like type in a cheat or something

  5. itzhak says:

    hi,im itzhak i know how to walk on walls and i know how to make a clones and i know lot of glitchs if u want to meet me my penguin name is “itzhak 2008” my penguin is at the coffee shoop and the cove if u want to ask me something so my e-mail is bye!

  6. greenbean237 says:

    i think there are 21 carpets

  7. Pandabear539 says:

    i think 7, 13, 20,27 or 18 red carpets.
    I don’t really know cause I guessed

  8. hi its me!!! says:

    im soo exited that the coin cheats will be out tomorrow!! !!! !!! !!!!! !!!!! !!! !!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!!!!!!!!!

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