Penguin Games and More!

Update: Jc4x4’s party is tomorrow, Sunday, August 24, 2008. He messed up the invitation. I thought it was Saturday, (today) but I was wrong. I filmed a little and what I filmed will be in the final video! See you all tomorrow! ~Simmer 27

Hey Everyone!

This party is realy confusing, and strangly, has problems. Here are the problems, I did every race and I did them right but I didn’t get credit for them.

Anyway, here is the Party!

My favorite room is the Ice Rink, since its a party the Ice Rink has been turned into a Soccer Field! I played Soccer for a little bit because it’s my favorite sport!

There are signs all over Club Penguin saying “Go Red Team,” “Red Team,” “Go Blue Team,” and “Blue Team.”

Next for the activity’s in order! I think you have to do each activity perfectly, in order to get the medal.

First, you run a Marathon from the Ski Village to the Cove. As you can see, I am on the Red Team. Also, this penguin is Docresa, my friend gave it to me. I will be using it for pictures and videos!

Second, you do Track. You must run 3 laps to get a checkmark from this event.

You must make sure you get every light you pass to go on. Otherwise, you will finish something and your race will not count!

Finally, the Pool. You must do 5 Lenghts of the Pool to get the checkmark for this event!

Next for the Free Items:

I guess the older penguins didn’t get off easy on this one. The Red Facepaint is located at the Coffee Shop.

The Blue Facepaint is located at the Pizza Parlor!

When you finish the Penguin Games your prize is a Gold Medal!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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39 Responses to Penguin Games and More!

  1. sman2323 says:


  2. Matre10 says:

    Wow this party is amazing and i have to say…PWNING! its my favourite party ever! Also,i recommend you go on a empty server because it gets less confusing lol.I love da ice rink too! 😀

    Ps:Simmer,I guess you go for red team?

  3. MagicPros says:

    Have you made me an author yet? If you haven’t the email you need to use is above!


    P.S. When you make me an author leave a comment on my site which is also above!

  4. Jessica says:

    great site! keep up the hard work. your site looks so good! great job! thanks for the tips.

  5. chubby676 says:

    Hiya Simmer!
    Nice site and theres a bug for the games.
    the lights in the town to the finish line of the marithon wont light up no matter what! :(:(:(

  6. simmer27 says:

    I like the party. It sure is alot like the april o6 sports party!

  7. 6susie6 says:

    Hey simmer summer, there’s alot of things i gotta tell ya, i will split in comments. lololoilololololololllllllllllllllll

  8. 6susie6 says:


    I went to Frozen and i did the Marathan, its nearly so full server by the way, and i was going for the red team and i went past by the lights but didn’t turn yellow..i misunderstood the directions, LOL and i saw some penguins are going in the WRONG WAY! ‘.’

  9. 6susie6 says:

    1. (cont.) The lights at Frozen didnt work for me, and so many penguins jammed at Iceberg that i CAN NOT see where i am going! :OOOOOOOO I kept CLICKING on other PENGUINS player cardssss. Grrr

  10. 6susie6 says:

    2. I went to Tundra for more less server and less crowded. Did the Marathan correctly for the second time and got checked mark, im on the RED TEAMMMMM. xdDD

  11. 6susie6 says:

    3. i did the 3 laps race at the Iceberg and i did TREE LAPS but its not working so went again, but only ONE lap more..i got a checked mark.
    What the heck!!!

  12. 6susie6 says:

    4.And last i did the swimming thingie, i went back and forth like 5 times and says WINNER! and yellow lights were flashing, LOL.

  13. 6susie6 says:

    Best thing of the party was: I got the Gold Medal

    The most funniest thing was: Some penguins were going in the WRONG WAY of the races, on Marathan. LOL!!!!

    The most weirdest thing was:
    1. i did 4 laps in 3 laps race
    2. a penguin rooting for both teams..wears the red penguin color and has the blue face paint on and has GO BLUE sign. ROFL!!

  14. Yellgal says:

    i cant believe i finally finished it! at first i thought cp wasnt working well, and then i realized that i missed one light! grr! but i already have my medal!!!

  15. Matre10 says:

    Wow its so annoying only members can see the soccer stadium

  16. sman2323 says:

    Tomorrow is your party:-D

  17. Prettygal60 says:

    ive seen the stadium it really soccor
    not football and also its really cool it has grass and stuff

  18. Matre10 says:

    ahhhhh i want to play soccer in cp so bad!!

  19. Alyssasally says:

    Hey simmer, I was usaully on blue team yesterday, but my family decided to go on red, because I learned about china, that red is lucky. But I don’t like cp very much. Because most penguins have been teasing me for years. 😦 I’m so sad. 😦

  20. Alyssasally says:

    Aloha Simmer27! You have a nice name, did you see Dein Name with you at the dock in the server frozen? PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. I LOVE RED TEAM

  21. MagicPros says:

    Hey simmer,

    The first light in the town on the track only works for nonmembers for some reason… I hope Club Penguin fixes that soon!


  22. simmer27 says:

    Argentina beet Nigeria!!

  23. Matre10 says:

    I watched the whole match,1-0 so far lol.IM SO HAPPY 😀 😀 😀 😀

  24. survivor91 says:

    Yeah Lionel Messi scored for Argentina! I hope I can make it to the party tomorrow! Its 7.15 PM right?

    Matre: Sorry,But Messi didnt score.Aguero did.

  25. cheatgnome says:

    I’ll add you back later ok? I got football so when i’m back i’ll add you. And I’m making a new css so it wont be the same.

  26. weshnog says:

    Want Cheats? Need Cheats? If this is so then visit!!

  27. Starviper says:

    Hello! I was browsing random Club Penguin blogs and I found this one. Nice work on your blog and I hope to speak to you soon! I have AIM so if you have it add StarViper117. Great post! Maybe you can visit my site? Im not going to put the link on here because I know you don’t want me to advertise. Well see you later!

  28. sman2323 says:

    Hey this is Sman2323,
    I might be able to be on at like 8:30p.m. Please keep the party going by then, because I really want to meet you. Have an awesome party and I hope to see you.

  29. kinghopper2 says:

    Hit the Lights And you will Keep Going

  30. sman2323 says:

    Hey this is Sman2323,
    I will be here on time because the game got sold out, so see you there.

  31. sman2323 says:

    I’m wearing a blue soccer jersey, a gold medal, blue and white face paint, cleats, and a baseball hat. Also I’m the color dark blue. Sman2323. Meet you there:-)

  32. sman2323 says:


  33. gardenax says:

    Guys come to my site the End of the Summer Party has just begun! Let’s get this party started! Whoo!

  34. Alex200710 says:

    i have a question, its been bothering me alot, are you a guy or a girl???

  35. sman2323 says:


  36. Alex200710 says:

    cool! i was in the vid u recorded before

  37. little man57 says:

    Hey Simmer its Little Man57 can U get me to meet Littleguy574? reply by gmail and to the website helpers please let Simmer see this be 4 u delete this its hard to write this on a PSP. Great site! —Little Man57

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