Glitches, Penguin Games, and Community Updates!


Here is some information Penguin Games:

Hello Penguins!

The Penguin Games are almost here and there will be tons of fun events for you to participate in.  Grab some of your penguin friends and make a team!  I’ve got a sneak peek here for you – Let me know if you can guess what these are:

5sneakpeek.jpgIn Other News:  There’s a brand new poll out tomorrow on the website, so make sure you check it out and cast your vote!

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

The Sneak Peek says that Penguin Games will be the August Party. This will be alot like the Fall Fair. You will win tickets and exchange them for prizes. Two of the Prizes will be the Blue and Red Facepaint.

Also there is new Wallpaper! Here is a picture:

I would have to say that this is the best Wallpaper yet! Click here to download the Wallpaper!

Here are the new comic’s!

I prefer this comic to the next one. Do any of you think that Club Penguin will ever come out with the Yellow and Red surfboard as a Free, or Member item?

The first puffle comic! Next for a few glitches, credit to Cheatgnome:

Whistle glitch

  1. Log-in on a penguin with either of the whistles and either the bell or the paddle ball.
  2. Take off all your penguins clothes.
  3. Put on one of the two whistles.
  4. Put on either the paddle ball or the bell.
  5. wave

You should be whistling and ringing the bell or bouncing the paddle ball at the same time! Here’s a picture of what it should look like.

You’re penguin don’t look like that? That’s either because they fixed the glitch or you may have done something wrong. If you don’t understand how to do those glitches then comment and I’ll be sure to give you as much information as you need. Alright, The next glitch is the multiple account glitch. It allows you to go on club penguin with two different accounts at the same time! Here’s how to do it.

Multiple accounts

  1. Open 2 different tabs on you’re Internet browser.
  2. Log-in to club penguin normally on one penguin.
  3. Then Go to the log-in screen in the different window.
  4. Press TAB until the square is above it, Then once that’s done hit enter.
  5. Press the Space Bar.
  6. There should be the penguins saved on your computer.
  7. Press Tab again until it is around “log-in as a different penguin”
  8. press space bar.
  9. Type a real penguin name
  10. press TAB to switch the type bar to the password
  11. Type a fake password for the penguin.
  12. press tab until the square is above the message, Then hit enter.
  13. when a new error message comes up for wrong password hit tab then hit enter.
  14. then type the real password for the penguin.
  15. choose the same server you went on on the first penguin.

Almost every other previous glitch has been fixed.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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5 Responses to Glitches, Penguin Games, and Community Updates!

  1. mrfun5 says:

    Nice post Simmer! Keep it up!

  2. tomcycle14 says:

    Yay first comment,
    since my old site is gone… 😦
    I’ll come here b/c it’s just as good… 🙂

  3. Matre10 says:

    Simmer are you going for red or blue? Just wondering.

  4. Cool I'm Someone says:

    hey Simmer27.. i wet on this website and I searched that thing called like Copyscape. i searched your website and i found like someone copied some of your old pictures, if you want proof go to this website:
    they stole your pics.

  5. HALEY says:

    lame this is the lamest sigh

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