Sports Catalog, New Pin, and More!


There are many new events, so we will start with  the Snow and Sports Catalog! 

There are hidden items! Click the penguin on the lefts Pompom to get the Orange Football Helmet.

Click the Green Penguin’s Surfboard to switch it to flowers then click the shell then the starfish and you get  the Silver Surfboard.

As I predicted the top line of the sneak peek was football helmets, the middle was a Badminton net, and the bottom where racing lines.

For the very first time the pin is at the Stage. The pin is a Dodgeball.

If you didn’t already know, when you throw a snowball at the stage during the play, it turns into a dodge ball.

Last but not least there is a new Igloo catolag. There is the NEW Ship Igloo and the returning GYM Igloo!

Click to Enlarge!

Here is what the ship igloo looks like:

Click to Enlarge!

LJ productions has just released a there next music video!  The song is Whispers in the Dark – Skillet. I, Lilguy574 made this one.

Don’t forget to Suscribe! Simmer 27’s youtube, Lilguy574’s youtube, Jc4x4’s youtube!

Credit to Lilguy574!

Simmer 27

Here is this post in Spanish/Aqui esta el escrito en Español:

Hola! Algunas cosas pasaron hoy.Primero hay un nuevo catalogo de nieve y uno de deportes.

Hay cosas escondidas!! Clickea el pompom del pinguino para obtener el casco naranja de football!

Clickea en la tabla del pinguino verde hasta que se haga de flores despues clickea la almeja y la estrella para obtener la tabla plateada.

Como predije en el avance,arriva eran cascos,el medio una red, y abajo pistas de carrera.

Por primera vez el pin esta en el teatro y es una pelota de esquivar.

Si no sabias,cuando tiras una bola de nieve en el teatro,se transforma en una pelota.

Ultimo,hay 2 nuevas igloos,la de barco y el gimnasio.

Click para hacer grande!

Asi es como se ve la iglu del barco:

Click para hacer grande!

Producciones LJ hizo un nuevo video musical.Cancion: Whispers in the dark-Skillet.Yo hice este

No Te Olvides de Suscribirte Simmer 27’s youtube, Lilguy574’s youtube, Jc4x4’s youtube!

Credito para Lilguy574!

Simmer 27

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  1. cheatgnome says:

    Awesome post!

  2. Tonetone34 says:

    Hey Simmer nice post

  3. cpwoton says:

    Woah! What happened to the CSS? Anyway, the widgets are looking good!

    Waddle on!

  4. rockin8 says:

    cool vid and the cheats were helpful.
    (cool site)
    jc4x4- u were on my buddie list and u deleted me. y?

  5. costumeking says:

    Nice post. The new igloo is great!

    P.S. Great site!


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    hope you can make it 😉

  11. Matre10 says:

    Woah i love the new css! Seriously

  12. wen is simmer comin back?????????????

    Matre:Tuesday or Wednesday

  13. kingicey4 says:

    cool video it rocks.

  14. Samy102 says:

    Hey cool music video,Ive never been 2 this site before,its cool 2! My link 2 my website is here!
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