Newspaper #148

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The new newspaper has come out and it has a lot of information about the upcoming events in Club Penguin. Here is some information about the Penguin Games.

1. There will be a surprise at the Ice Rink.
2.  You will have to play games to earn items. There wont be any boxes that you can just go up to.

I think that the surprise at the Ice Rink will be scoreboards. Scoreboards that kept track of the actual score during hockey games were added to Club Penguin in August 2006 during the sports party but were later removed.

Here are the upcoming events,

August 15th:

  • New igloo catalog (Pirate ship igloo)
  • New sports catalog
  • New pin hidden

August 22nd:

  • Penguin Games begins

August 29th:

  • New furniture catalog

September 5th:

  • New clothing catalog
  • New wig catalog

Comment on what you think the surprise at the Ice Rink will be.

All Credit to Mike 92.

I am using a hotel computer which doesn’t have paint which is the reason I borrowed Mike’s post.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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25 Responses to Newspaper #148

  1. survivor91 says:

    Cool post!Have fun at your vacation Simmer!


  2. Matre10 says:

    I will put the old header up there.This one looks so messed up lol.Its temp header till i make a new one

  3. mrfun5 says:

    Nice post! Great site!

  4. oneurt says:

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  5. Chewy says:

    Get your widgets their 😉

  6. Chewy says:

    Type that in google.

  7. catcatfrog says:

    I think the surprise at the ice rink will be rory and rookie as anoncers.

    P.S. have a good vaction

  8. CATCATFROG says:




  9. summer97 says:

    Hey check out my site.It’s new!

  10. Mike 92 says:

    I noticed that you used my post without giving full credit to me. You must provide a link to my site as well as saying that I made it.

  11. Chewy says:

    Mike wants full credit. I’d give it to him.

  12. cpwoton says:

    The new CSS rocks, but that sucks about the widgets! Anyway, great post!

    Waddle on!

  13. Chewy says:

    come back on msn

  14. Detroit87 says:


  15. oneurt says:

    Simmer!!! Its me cranicar! ur awesome buddy, anyways your site is greate keep it up.

  16. Awesome post! Keep em coming!


  17. Sonicspine31 says:

    I Bet the Ice rink would look like the Soccer Field

  18. Tonetone34 says:

    Yo Chewy Whats ur msn

  19. Wisterya says:

    hey simmer, wanna talk? my email is: and nice video.

  20. Wisterya says:

    hey… how about basketball? soccer’s to hard. maybe basketball might be the same as fantage’s basketball!

  21. Wisterya says:

    My guess, games: soccer, basketball, table tenis, track and field, swimming, hmm…
    and archery.
    That’s my guess! Well, I guess soccer has to be in the games, because I saw it in the newspaper. Any ideas?

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. zak says:

    this has help me alot thanks

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