Newspaper #146

Hey Penguins!

The Newspaper #146 was a shock and a mystery! 😉 What shocked me is that Happy77 was published in the Club Penguin Times.

Happy77, the Club Penguin mod, posted a tip! Happy77 is the most mysterious Club Penguin mod and nobody knows to much about what or who she is. You cannot meet Happy77 as Happy77, Club Penguin changed her name to Penguin22.

On August 8th, there will be a sports stage, but it will be a different one. Club Penguin has gaven away what is going to happen. Since this stage is a Sequel, and non-member items can return as member items, the face-paints will return as member items. A member item cannot return as a free item. The face-paints were originally released April 2006 at the Sports Party. The only items that were non-member and returned as member items are, the Black Toque, the Red Sunglasses, the Blue Sunglasses, and the Pizza Apron.

Club Penguin has extended the Music festival until August 5th! Unfortunetly, there is isn’t a new free item.

Also, if you play Aqua Grabber you can pick up pearls!

Next for the current events:

August 1st:

New Clothing Catalog

New Pin Hidden

August 8th:

Sports Stage Sequel

August 14th:

New Pin Hidden

Sometime in August:

Rockhopper Returns.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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26 Responses to Newspaper #146

  1. prettygal60 says:

    cool that play is my fave i loved it even if i wasnt a member that time was part one so watev im glad its comin back like rh

  2. prettygal60 says:

    simmer how do u no she changed it to penguin77 but not happy77????????????????????

  3. Austin says:

    This Penguin

    Thire is this penguin on clubpenguin that loves parties and he is rich. His name is…………… AUSTIN DAGLE. He likes being a cowboy a agent and a lot of others.he loves to play lot of games. He has 3 Puffles. Puffles r pets on clubpenguin u can buy. my puffles r gold, pink, and green. My gold puffles name is Bentley. My pink puffles name is Cutie. My green puffles name is Jr. Im alwas on the surver mammoth at the dock or the ice berg and every were else. so if u see me add me and then say i seen ur writing on this website. he used to make fun of people and he would keep geting banded and then some times he would get kicked of of being a secret agent. Now he is a good boy. hez an agent agan but now all the people i picked on is picking on me now. so i report them then they get banded. im 13 years old. i love being on clubpenguin. if i miss a party i go crazy. But i asked clubpenguin if i can be a pirate like rockhopper with my own bout. They sead i could but i will be a while. so if u find me add me plez. im a boy on clubpenguin so bye.

  4. !mmopuk! says:

    Sweet post!

    Also Simmer, can you keep me posted for when your next party is by e-mail at

    Because, I just simply loved your 100k one, what’s next 150k?

    E-mail me nearer the time!

  5. Wisterya says:

    Awesome! Rockhipper’s returning! But how do i get in your video?

  6. theflame12 says:

    Hey dude, I was wondering. You think maybe I could be on your blogroll for a short while? I have a pretty good blog, its just I need publicity in order for people to recognize it. So could you be the person to help make my blog climb up the success ladder?

  7. Tonetone34 says:

    Can i be added back to site

  8. Matre10 says:

    Woah,Im so really Shocked about that.

  9. pinksardine says:

    Hi! Can you meet me on the frozen dock at 5:00 pm eastern, 4:00 pm central?? Thanks!!

  10. Clone 787 says:

    umm the sports party was in august 2006 not april 2006

  11. cpwoton says:

    Wow! That’s so weird! That totally seems like it was written by a kid! I wonder if Happy77 is a kid…. (ha ha, just a stupid idea). Or maybe he doesn’t even exist. Or some kid just thought it would be cool to write a tip and put their name as Happy77 and Cp didn’t really care. Really weird…

    Waddle on!

  12. tooly228 says:

    Hehe. 😉

  13. Mello 123456 says:

    so the face paint of the sports party will come again?!

  14. simmer27 says:

    Yeah. and the sports party was in April. trust me on that. i remember from the suprise party 😉

  15. mixie says:

    hey happy77 is my friend well loveeelaines friend my other penguin. it started out ass happy77 then it becan penguin22 then it was penguin1302 then well now it is penguin8320. so that is the history of names for the mysterious happy77 i met her at the ski lodge about two years ago. she is very nice and is a beta. the penguin got banned forever after 3 moths or her being on. so sqome people think she isnt real as a person. But i just showed you that happy77 is a real penguin. i have one more thing to share with you. how happy77 was made. it all started when penguin chat3 was made. some of u may of played that game on
    it was a very popular game. and that was when happy77, billybob, and screenhog came together. then club penguin came. that became most played kids game. and then they went on clubpenguin daily. penguins just loved seeing them. then came along to more moderators. Rancidkraut and gizmo. then went on. then happy77 was paid attention to he is still a moderator but many people wonder about and the next stuff is what i had told you first.

  16. hi! its minsurrlia!!!

    so did you come up with a name that ppl can say on cp?

  17. Boots117 says:

    i can’t wait till Rockhopper comes! because of
    the new free item Rockhopper has for is! i hope
    the new free item that Rockhopper is going to
    give us is the eyepatch!

  18. Anonymous says:

    sooooo coool! will there be free items for the sports stage sequel??

    –Yellgal (CP name)

    Matre:I dont know about that.I never seen a catalog giving free items.Maybe we will have a sports party again 😀

  19. Yellgal0o0o2 says:

    cooool! will there be a free item for the sports stage sequel??

  20. Harry says:

    I love this website better than i hate him he is famous i want to be famous for once its not fair

  21. Yellgal0o0o2 says:

    hmm. i wonder what’s the easier way to get coins? hmm

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. frabo says:

    you are cool

  24. frabo says:

    i am a member

  25. frabo says:

    this is one of my fav webs

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