LJ Music Video


I just finished the latest LJ Music Video! Here is the video:

Click Here and suscribe! Don’t forget to rate and coment the video!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

Here is this post in Spanish/Aquí está el escrito en Español:


Acabo de terminar el nuevo Video de LJ! Aquí está el video:

Click Aquí y suscribite! No te olvides the ponerle estrellas al video y comentar!


Simmer 27

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13 Responses to LJ Music Video

  1. Piplup Us says:

    O and you said i was in that vid but i wasnt….that made me sad…but the Video rocked it was amazing and you picked a nice song!

  2. simmer27 says:

    piplup your in the other video i am working on 😉

  3. Matre10 says:

    Awesome vid simmer!

  4. cpwoton says:

    THat is a great vid Simmer!

  5. Clone 787 says:

    hey dude cool site please visit http://clone787.wordpress.com/

  6. Piplup U says:

    Thanks for telling me that Simmer….Your site and vids ROCK!

  7. Piplup U says:

    If you dont mind can you make a page that shows how to make videos?…I mean like it shows how to edit your vids and you know all that other stuff!

  8. mrfun5 says:


    ~Mr Fun 5~

  9. Wisterya says:

    That was an awesome vid simmer ! but how do i get to be in it?

  10. bubba1960 says:

    theres a contest on my site

    spread the word!!!!!!!!


    copy this and post it everywhere -123kde

  11. Tonetone34 says:

    Simmer why did u delete me off the site?

    ~ sad tone:(

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