Penguin Band Disappears


I went to the Iceberg and noticed the Penguin band was gone!

The Penguin band is currently giving out backrounds if you meet them!

Also the Stage at the Dock is now Pink.

Here are pictures of the band members:

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

Here is this post in Spanish/Aquí está el escrito en Español


He ido al iceberg y me he dado cuenta de que la banda se ha ido!

La banda está regalando fondos si los encuentras

Tambien,el escenario en el dock ahora es rosa

Aquí están las fotos de los miembros de la banda


Simmer 27

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17 Responses to Penguin Band Disappears

  1. starjonas249 says:

    cool did you get one

  2. simmer27 says:

    Pretty Cool!
    I think this backround will only be realesed once! Good luck finding The band!

    ~simmer 27

  3. Matre10 says:

    I hope I cant find’em

  4. cat03 says:

    Thanks! You’re site’s cool too! Like the flames. How do you do that? Comment on my site!


  5. Md Girl 314 says:

    Wow I Love Your Background, It’s One Of My Favorite Colors.

  6. cheatgnome says:

    nice post!

  7. tooly228 says:

    Hey! I am catching up to your hits very fast 😀

  8. cat03 says:

    Whats the code? Or should I not know. Comment on my site!


  9. starjonas249 says:

    I love your website it is too cool !
    I love to meet you on club penguin.
    I am starjonas249 so plez have another party I hope to see you soon.Are too cool!
    Next too mimo777 and fever they have web sites too.! Keep rocking
    rember we all love you on club penguin.

  10. I just got the band background. I love it. Also, I think they changed the main stage to another theme again.

  11. Ninja boy1 says:

    Hey nice post comment back please

  12. Ceptor99 says:

    Cool! Man, I wish I could meet them. 😦

  13. tooly228 says:

    It’s okay. I understand.

  14. mikey says:

    i cant find any of them which of the main servers r they on

  15. Clone 787 says:

    Hey dude nice site i just made a new please visit it at

  16. drkshadow17 says:

    hi nice site. Can you please visit of you do, can you please leave a comment? Thanks!

  17. blueiskols says:

    Cool, i always wanted to see the penguin band!

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