New Game Sneak Peek!

Update: If you can get me (Simmer 27) a medium Bribble chatroom, I will give you a Contributer spot on my blog and 1000 credits to my Awards page.


I found a sneak peek for the next game on Club Penguin! This game involves music and this game will be realised around the end of the month. Probably at the end of the Music festival.

Also I will not tell you guys who is doing the Spanish part of my blog do to his request. Only my admins know and you guys cannot tell!

Simmer 27

Here is the post in Spanish/Aquí esta el escrito en Español



Encontré un avance del nuevo juego en el Club Penguin!Este juego es sobre Música y se encontrará disponible a fines del mes de Julio.Probablemente después del festival de Música.

Tambien, chicos, no les puedo decir quién hace las partes en Español de mi blog por su decisión.Solo los administradores de la página lo saben y ustedes chicos no lo pueden decir!!

Simmer 27

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12 Responses to New Game Sneak Peek!

  1. simmer27 says:

    I play trumpet. Hopefully there will be something related to that!

    btw wat do u think of the sneak peek?

    Also if you play an instrument coment on this post!
    Simmer 27

  2. cpwoton says:

    I play the electric guitar! I think the game has something to do with DJs!

    Rock on!

  3. Matre10 says:

    I play flute.It’s not that great but it’s sometimes fun

  4. millgate1 says:

    weres your ultimate links page?

  5. The Dead Penguin says:

    Hey, I’m holding a membership and coins contest, wanna enter? go to you could win big time!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    this sucks

  7. mrfun5 says:

    I don’t play an instrument. Nice post though, you’re close to 100,000 hits! I like how the ninja appears and disappears on your header! Great job!

    ~Mr Fun 5~

  8. mike321 says:

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    to be in the draw go to

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  10. Adrrocks284 says:

    I LOVE UR WEBSIGHT i wanna meet on club penguin one day! Your awsome!!!!! !COOLIEO!


  11. Adrrocks284 says:

    i play the piano and im a singer
    sincerly addrocks

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