Newspaper #142

Update: I will post In Spanish as well as English. I’m having a friend do the translations so I will post in english and he will post in Spanish!


The new news paper is here so lets get started!

First off, all the new features will be arriving at Club Penguin some time tomarrow!

Here is what Billybob posted:

Hello Penguins!

I just heard some great news! The new features we’ve all been eagerly waiting for are set to launch on Thursday! The team is squashing a few more bugs and if all goes as planned, you’ll be able to login and use the new features before the end of the week! 

Also,  Squidzoid is returning to The Stage this Friday.  When it was here in January, a lot of you asked if it would come back…. Since it got such great reviews, it will return this Friday–with a couple changes. I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but here’s a snapshot of what will be added to the play on Friday. 

old stage.jpg
stagesneak1.jpgAs always, looking forward to hearing what you think!

Until then… waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

This is a give away for this years party:
This months party is a music festival! I get the feeling that the free item will either be a Trumpet or a Baton.
Club Penguin also said that there will be something special in your mailbox when Penguin Mail arrives!
Probably some sort of pin or card that you can keep in your inventory.
Now for the Current Events:
July 11th:
New Furniture Catalog
Superhero’s Take The Stage
New Pin Hidden
August 1:
New Pin Hidden.
Club Penguin didn’t tell us much. I think they’re planning some huge suprise :D.
Don’t forget to come back tomarrow for the Furniture Catalog and more!
Here is the post in Spanish:

Diario Número #142


El Nuevo diario esta aquí así que comenzemos!

Primero,todas las decoraciones para el hogar llegaran al Club Penguin en algún momento mañana!

Aca esta lo que nos dijo Billybob!

Hola Pinguinos!

Escuche buenas Noticias! Las nuevas funciones que estuvimos esperando van a estar listas para ver el Jueves! Nuestro equipo esta encontrando unos últimos errores y so todo va bien,estarás listo para verlas! 

Tambien,Squidzoid va a volver al teatro este Viernes!.  Cuando estuvo aqui en Enero, Muchos de ustedes Preguntaron si volvería…. Como fue muy popular, Volverá este Viernes!–Con algunos cambios. No quiero arruinar la sorpresa, Pero aquí hay una foto de como será

old stage.jpg

Como siempre,esperaremos a ver lo que piensan!

Hasta despues…Diviertanse!

-Equipo de Club Penguin

Esto nos dijo de que va a ser la fiesta de este año:

Este mes es un festival de musica! Me parece que nos van a regalar una tuba.
Club Penguin tambien dijo que va a haber algo especial en tu Penguin mail cuando lo Abras!
Probablemente algún pin o algo para guardar en tu inventorio.
Ahora para los eventos:
Julio 11:
Nuevas cosas para el hogar
Super héroes se dirigen al teatro
Nuevo pin escondido
Agosto 1:
Nuevo pin escondido.
Club Penguin no nos dijo mucho. Me parece que están planeando algo muy grande! :D.
No te olvides de volver mañana para ver los secretos de las cosas del hogar!
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10 Responses to Newspaper #142

  1. Ninja boy1 says:

    Hey nice post
    Btw can i please have thelink to the fire thingy on css.

  2. Tonetone34 says:

    Hey simmer awesome post!

  3. Simmer thanks for adding me. BTW, i dont htink ur name shows on cp anymore.. 😦

  4. unknown says:

    LOOK, LOOK!!! the feet of the monster are diffrent!!!!!!Also the puffle o sign is changed!!!!! i love my eyes!

  5. Lord Gorgan5 says:

    Hey, how come it says that the Stage is coming out on the 18th? It’s coming out on the 11th! You switched the days.

    Simmer27- Good point! whoa thanks for the tip!

  6. ponley says:

    wat the heck i cant read dat

    Simmer 27: The second copy of the post is in Spanish

  7. 6susie6 says:

    LMAO Nicolas and uhm who is ur friend that is doing the spanish post??? I think it was awesome to have that… 🙂 I cant wait to see your next vid simmer!

  8. mrfun5 says:

    Nice job guys! Did you know that when you search “Club Penguin cheats” on google your site is on the very first page? Cool huh!

  9. Lord Gorgan5 says:

    Now the date for the Furniture catalog is wrong, it’s coming out on the 18th! LOL, sorry.

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