Animal I Have Become Music Video

Update: Club Penguin’s new features are almost ready to launch! They should be here in a few days! 😀


I made a music video! It’s not an LJ, I just made it for fun.

The song is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace.

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Simmer 27

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20 Responses to Animal I Have Become Music Video

  1. heuwy says:


  2. Sheevmister says:

    Hey Simmer! Can I work on here? -Scareynewt42

  3. Jrwz says:

    Well dude. Im sorry that I have been gone for a while. I was at the beach for like 5 days. Now I have all star baseball coming up. And I cant post being a contributor. I wont let me. I have a whole bunch of things I should be posting for our productions but I cant. So can you please make me an admin or something that lets me post? Also go on misam’s bribble anytime from now to about 2:15 my time

  4. Tonetone34 says:

    Jrwz ill look at your posts

  5. Piplup U says:

    I know anderson211 password….Wait does everybody know his pass?

  6. Piplup U says:

    By the way NICE VID!!!

  7. Piplup U says:

    And Tonetone on club penguin you told me to go on Misam’s chatbox but i think im banned forever on that chatbox if not banned forever then maybe banned for a looong time. 😦

  8. papercuter says:


    just to let u know that im bak to cp 😀



  9. Matre10 says:

    Heya simmer!

    Really nice video! I hope you make more!

  10. King Silver says:

    Go to…
    We have Club Penguin Mission Guides, a Arcade of games, music, and more,Club Penguin Cheats, and tons of funny pictures! Keep checking it out!

    ~ King Silver 8)

  11. King Silver says:

    can i be on your blogroll? reply at…
    ~ King Silver 8)

  12. jrwz says:

    Hey Simmer Jrwz here and I made the Are you ready Video by Three Days Grace!
    Here it is! Please post it! its also on my channel!

  13. Piplup U says:

    Hey Matre10 is your website because whenever i try to go there it takes FOREVER to load.

  14. cpmac says:

    New uptated cheats and contests at:!
    check it out!

  15. silentkage1 says:

    Hey Simmer is me silentkage1
    Can u add me to your blogroll?

  16. paintboy fam says:

    yo nice site! its awesome! and coolio vidoe! plz visit plz visit he is loosing hits paint out!

  17. kaetiepie says:

    SWEET!!!! How did u say hell on cp?

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