Newspaper #142 and Cummunity Updates


Club Penguin made a few new updates today!

Lets start with the Community blog updates first!

Here is the featured igloo:

I would rate the igloo a 6 – 10 on a scale! Congrats to Bugygoesrawr for winning this weeks featured igloo contest!

I, personally, love the new penguin poll! I voted Gary the Gadget Guy because I have already met Rockhopper! Click here to vote!

Next for the paper:

Lets start with some information about Penguin Mail! Here are some details about what Penguin Mail will be like:

According to the paper, Club Penguin will release Penguin Mail sometime this month!

Some more great news is that Rockhopper wont be leaving tomarrow!  So those of you who really want to find him… Click Here!!!!

This paper also gave away what the next stage will be! Here is the picture that gave the stage away:

The next stage is Superhero’s, next will be something new then the Sports stage will return. That’s my prediction.

Here is what’s coming up:

July 1 – 6, Fireworks light up the sky.

July 4th:

New Pin Hidden

New Clothing Catalog

July 11th:

Superhero Stage

July 18th:

New Furniture Catalog and probably some sort of party.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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