Sport Shop Catalog and Rockhopper!


Rockhopper is here along with a new Sport Shop Catalog!

Lets start with the Sport Shop:

Click on the soccer ball for the cleats.

Also, the silver surf board is hidden in the same place as usual! Here is how you get it. First click the surf board the penguin was holding. Then click the shell, and finally click the starfish for the Silver Surfboard to appear!

The new items were:

Basketball (300 coins)

Football (300 coins)

Soccer ball (300 coins)

Cleats (250 coins)

Blue Basketball Jersey (600 coins)

Red Basketball Jersey (600 coins)

Basketball Net (320 coins)

Scoreboard (520 coins)

Don’t forget the new backround, which, of course, is 60 coins.

Check this out! If you dance with the Soccer Ball:

This cheat also works with the Cleats!

Here are Rockhopper’s items!


Unfortunetly the parrot returned.

Also if you are still looking for the key to Rockhopper’s quarters, the key is in the bookroom. Since Rockhopper left his journal in the Book Room, thats where the key is:

That’s the book the key is in. Here is a picture of the key in the book:

That is a picture of the key in Rockhopper’s journal! The key is on the last page so flip all the way to the end!

Even though Rockhopper’s journal is in the Book Room, he somehow wrote in it as he arrived on Club Penguin!

You might want to read what Rockhopper read. If you want to meet Rockhopper Click Here. As soon as I find Rockhopper I will post telling if Rockhopper brought a new item with him!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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8 Responses to Sport Shop Catalog and Rockhopper!

  1. dubz rule says:

    hey check out this site
    it’s fun fun fun

  2. matre10 says:

    Dancing with the soccerball is hillarious!

  3. lolli and tornado says:

    simmer !!! kool…u so updated!!!
    yeah we luv that soccer ball too, and we just filled rynos igloo with pink flamingos lol
    hey simmer wots happened to ur bribble??
    we been on JCs afew times and like it (our buddy there is redrod) wots ur utube chanel…leave me a note at

  4. sarah94954 says:

    look for me on cp im on summit rite now!!!!(im sarah94954)

  5. niikies says:

    Hi visit my site it has the best info on clubpenguin and very cool games too and funny pics and a lot more

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