Newspaper #141 and More!

Update: Club Penguin now updates at 9:00 or 9:30 PM Club Penguin Standard Time. Thanks to Mew850 for the tip.


I personally, like this weeks paper over all others! Why you may ask? Well because it really got the point across.

Tomorrow, Rockhopper will return.. Here is a picture of the Migrator:

Everything else in the paper wasn’t very important except the current events. Here is what’s coming up tomorrow:

Now for the new comic: best ste ever!!

Here is the new fan art:

Waddle On!
Simmer 27

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7 Responses to Newspaper #141 and More!

  1. simmer27 says:

    I post as soon as Club Penguin updates whenever i can soz..

  2. matrex10 says:

    Its a cool newspaper,but there arent many good updates.

  3. matrex10 says:

    I just released the lighthouse has the water party music.I dont know if it was days ago or today xD

  4. Aguair says:


    I’ll add you to my blogroll if you add me to the top of yours.



  5. Piplup U says:


  6. LittleDudeo says:

    the plain link if ppl cant see it is

  7. soccergirlmcq says:

    If you want me to rate your site go to then go to Links page and leave a comment with your sites name and i will rate your site!!!

    Soccergirlmcq 🙂

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