Simmer 27’s Buddy List (J.T.S. Prod. Vid)

Those are my buddys! The song is Miss Murder by AFI. Please subscribe and rate it if you have a youtube account

Click Here and suscribe! Our youtube channel is Please comment below with your rating! 1-5! Also comment if you have any ideas for our next vid and you could star in it!

Waddle On!

Simmer 27 and Jrwz

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16 Responses to Simmer 27’s Buddy List (J.T.S. Prod. Vid)

  1. matrex10 says:

    Im commenting randomly

  2. matrex10 says:

    i just keep comments

  3. matrex10 says:

    I missed it

  4. matrex10 says:

    anyways 2 more for 20

  5. matrex10 says:


  6. matrex10 says:

    nice to have records

  7. Agentkong101 says:

    I like your theme! It totally rocks!
    And your an awesome blogger!
    Im having an awsome contest, with awesome prices!
    Hope you can enter!


  8. Piplup U says:

    Man thats totally messed up what i do to you…Anyway cool vid.

  9. simmer27 says:

    sorry piplup. its just a thing i do. i wanna get a chanvce to buddy new people so i delete people after a while.

    dont worry, il re add u 😉

  10. Piplup U says:

    Thanks Simmer!

  11. Piplup U says:

    And sorry for saying that,that’s messed up.;)

  12. Greatpip says:

    hey why wasnt i on there did u remove me?
    oh great.i kno skullhunter5.

  13. Lord Gorgan5 says:

    Matre, isn’t that called spamming?

    Matre: Well,those arent spam,they are just 50 comments.Spam is like saying a lot of random words like this: ewfgnapjra

  14. marjon1816 says:

    thats my penguin marjon he was banned by a hacker

  15. Lord Gorgan5 says:

    Hey, Simmer! How come you deleted me?

  16. Anonymous says:

    simmer your great

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