Mission 8 Released and Mission 8 Guide!

Update: Mike92’s guide came out but it doesn’t really show how to beat the mission so I suggest you read the written guide!!

Matre’s update:I made a few more little changes to the header.Let’s see if you can find them.Comment your guess!

Hey everyone! The mission 8 was just released! So try to beat it. I am currently half way done. As soon  as I finish I will have a tutorial made and make a video that shows how to beet Mission 8.

Also, Rockhopper is visible from the telescope! In the mission, Cream soda is being prepared which means, a party!

My guess is that he should be here in 1-3 weeks.

I wonder what he will bring us?

Well that’s all for today guys!


 Simmer 27 and Cheatgnome

Video Guide:

Writen Guide:

1) Talk to G in the HQ.
2) G will tell you to investigate recent tremors around the island, Go to the Dock.
3) Herbert and Klutzy will appear in a drill type machine, after the conversation, Herbert will drop the “Map” to the tunnels, klutzy will try to grab it, but will cut it in half.
4) Follow the map!

Following the Map

-Part 1
1) Follow the 2 pieces of the map into the Town.
2) One piece will fly on the Night club sign and the other piece will continue floating.
3) Go into the Coffee Shop and offer the clerk to help pick up some cookies.
4) Once you’ve picked up the cookies, ask the clerk if you can have one. He will give you one.
5) Go back outside, and use the Cookie on the Green Puffle. The Green Puffle will try to get the piece of paper on the nightclub but is unable too.
6) Go back to the Gadget Room (HQ) and behined G on the hat rack, pick up the beigh hat.
7) Once you have the hat, go back to Town and into the Coffee Shop and ask for another cookie.
8. Go back outside to the Town, put that hat on the puffle, then feed it the cookie, the map piece will fall to the ground, pick it up.

-Part 2
1) Go to the Snow Forts and follow the other half.
2) The piece will almost get stuck to the flag in the Snow Forts, but will continue to fly into the Plaza.
3) Go into the Plaza, the map half will float onto the newspaper, ask the penguin for the newspaper, he will decline and say he is hungry for pizza.
4) Go into the Pizza Parlor and ask for the pizza the penguin wanted.
5) Go back outside to the Plaza and give the pizza to the penguin, and in return he will give you the newspaper, take the extra half of the map off of the paper and put it in your inventory.

Rescuing the Gift Shop

1) Now that you have your tunnel map, you need to gather the following materials: Hammer, Net, Cream Soda Barrel, Baloons, Nails, and an Air Tank.

1) Go into the Gadget Room, above the desk with the Safe and Bowling ball, on the wall should be a hammer, grab it.

1) Go to the Beach and grab the net from the pile next to the Lighthouse

-Cream Soda Barrel
1) Go into the Lighthouse and go over to the penguin bracing himself against one of the barrels, ask him for one, and put it in your inventory. DO NOT SHAKE UNTIL I SAY SO

1) While in the Lighthouse, ask the penguin on the stage for the box of baloons.

1) Go to the Sports Shop, you have to go through the window, and grab the nails next to the door.

-Air Tank
1) Go back to the Gadget Room.
2) Ask G if you can use the Air Tank.

Rescuing the Gift Shop (Cont.)

1) Now that you have everything you need, go back to the Dock and enter the hole in the ground Herbert and Klutzy made earlier.
2) Using the map you put together, follow what it says, Right is the Right Tunnel and Left is the Left Tunnel. This is random for everyone.
3) You should end up at the door of what appears to be the Gift Shop, now you have to act fast on this, seriously, be quick.
4) First, one of the baloons from the baloon box on the air tank, it should fill it up.
5) Then, take out your Cream Soda Barrel, and shake it some, and try to put it under the Gift Shop, if it says it’s not enough, shake it a little more until it does. Just make sure it doesn’t explode.
6) Once it blasts up the Gift Shop, quickly, head back to the Town.
7) Take out your baloon and use it on the Gift shop, it should rise.
8. Then, take out your net, and place it in between the ground, and the bottom of the gift shop. Try clicking multiple times really fast if it doesn’t work. Just be fast.
9) Grab your box of pegs/nails and use them on the net, they should go to all four corners of the net.
10) Then use your hammer on the net and it should hammer in the nails/pegs. The Gift Shop will fall back into place.

Catching Herbert & Klutzy

1) Head back to the HQ and talk to G.
2) He will congratulate you and tell you athat you need to find Herbert and Klutzy.
3) Go back to the Dock and go into the hole.
4) Use the same directions as you used last time (on your tunnel map), go back to where the gift shop once was.
5) There should be another tunnel entrance, click it to go in.

Optional Steps (For a Gift)
1) To get a gift, taken out your Spy Phone, and take out your Wrench.
2) Use the wrench on the bolts on the machine, you should see a cooler/box, take it out and put it in your inventory.
3) Continue with the mission.

6) You should see a hole and what appears to be the inside of the Boiler Room, click it to go inside.
7) Once you are inside, Herbert will be trying to take the Boiler, wait until click on Herbert and talk to him.
8. Herbert will get angry and hit the pipes connecting to the Boiler.
9) You will get a call from G tell you that you need to fix the Boiler ASAP.
10) click on the pipes to begin fixing them.
11) DON’T WORRY! It’s easier than it looks, select parts and select other parts to move the pipes around. You do not have to use all of the pipes, just enough to connect to to the pip in the bottom left corner to the right top hand corner. You can move parts anywhere.
12) Once you have connected the pipes, you will get a call from G, he wants to meet you in the HQ.
13) Go back to the HQ and turn to the “Map on the Wall” and talk to the G to receive your reward.
The Guide.. You are now done! Credit to Watex.

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  10. ponley says:

    simmer uh… theres a change… rockhopper’s ship is closer and… did u see in the mission the letters by the snow forts clock? i decoded it and it didnt make a word. when i was done with the mission, i went there and i saw tiny markings… WIERD….

  11. cheatgnome says:

    simmer i dident change your links color i swear i dident change it. i will change them back but i swear i diden’t do it.

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    Oh Simmer nevermind!!! I LOST THE CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    matre this is what is different about the header:
    The words “Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets” are in a different font.
    Also now half the header is repeated.
    That’s what i found.
    P.S You Guys Rule!

  19. swabi says:

    on the furnture catolog there is a nother hidden thing a lava on if u click on the sun set frame.<;!!

  20. swabi says:

    on the furnture catolog there is a nother hidden thing a lava lamp on if u click on the sun set frame.<;!!

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