J.T.S. Productions Video #1

Hey penguins, Jrwz here with great news. The new J.T.S. video is here. Please double click it and subscribe if you have a youtube account.

Please comment below saying what you think of the video on a 1-5 scale. I think It’s pretty good.

Here it is!

Please comment with the rating and please check out the official J.T.S. channel. www.youtube.com/Jrwz2

Update: The new J.T.S background will be made soon    Thanks-Jrwz


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9 Responses to J.T.S. Productions Video #1

  1. Piplup U says:

    Nice Video!!!

  2. matrex10 says:

    Nice video yay

  3. matrex10 says:

    Lets comment

  4. matrex10 says:

    Go me

  5. matrex10 says:


  6. matrex10 says:


  7. matrex10 says:


  8. matrex10 says:

    i keep it

  9. matrex10 says:


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