Summer Party Tomarrow

Today, a interesting newspaper came out on Club Penguin. As you all know , that there will be a new mission comming soon. I have some information on that too. Continue reading on the post.

The water party starts on June 13th. Don’t forget to join in the fun!

A new Phehistoric Play will be comming out on June 13th. It seems that its going to be really cool!

Also, if you go to the page where they talk about the PSA missions, click the letter secret and a coded message will appear. You will have to decode that message. Here is a decoded form of the message.

Also click the Propeller Hat in the Summer Sneak Peak Page, You will receive more info on the Penguin Mail, that will be arriving soon.

Credit to Mew850.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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7 Responses to Summer Party Tomarrow

  1. Penguin52379073 (Ratssafwevbn) says:

    hey dude awesome site! 😉 please visit

  2. Wwe Adam says:

    Hey Simmer! I’m inviting you to GWA’s club penguin summer kick off this saturday at 1 PST starting in my igloo! You can find us in frozen and there is going to be an awesome contest!

    More at

  3. prettygal60 says:

    it is cool to get a sneak peek on the summer party but u need to change the day it appears its this friday

  4. Tonetone34 says:

    WOOT it’s is gonna be a blast Adam! Ill come for sure!

  5. matre10 says:

    I will try to come too!

  6. Jc4x4 says:

    Hey Simmer!

    I would love to help out at your site, my email is!


  7. pacficblue says:

    hay great site! but oune question, wat is the christmas lea?

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