Party Over View


The party was really exciting!  One second Nobody was there next escond there were a ton of people!

Special Thanks to:

Jc4x4, he was really busy with something but somehow sqeezed in enough time to make my party!

Tonetone34, he recorded my party along with Ponley81, I will post the videos’ as soon as they’re uploaded to youtube.

Here are some party pictures:

This picture was right as the party started, 10:00 AM Club Penguin Time on the dot.

This is a random picture I took of Jc4x4.

This was when half of the party was sled racing.

In total, I won 1 sled race and lost 3.

Here is a picture of one fourth of the people in the Lodge Attic at the time.

I lost 2 games of Find Four and won 1 game.

We went to my igloo, here is a picture of what my igloo looks like:

That picture was taken after the party.

Waddle On!
Simmer 27

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20 Responses to Party Over View

  1. 59bluecool says:

    heyy Simmer nice party I was there
    but on a different account lol!
    I was on Airalina! lol

  2. gaterhunter3 says:

    Im only in half the pic.^.^ lol nice site

  3. Sportsdude90 says:

    Nice a lot of people were there

  4. charmberries says:

    wow too ad I didnt know bout’ it

  5. mileysis21 says:

    that must been a very cool party i wish i was there anyway really cool site!!!!


  6. iceyfrostick says:

    cool site!! lik da header!

  7. Earth 18 AKA Earth 11 or Harriet 111 says:

    Cool! That looks like fun!
    Too bad I didnt go, I forgot all about it! 😥 😀
    Cya :mrgreen:

  8. Rofegme says:

    Im in there! I saw my buddy. I didn’t know you until I saw you on Club Penguin today..

  9. Tonetone34 says:

    OMG it takes so long to upload it!

  10. ponley says:

    I recorded, But It won’t upload. It takes like forever. One video I had to wait like 2 hours, but it never uploaded it. Sorry. None of the videos I made upload. 😦

  11. ponley says:

    I had to use my sister’s computer, because it doesen’t work on mine.

  12. simmer27 says:

    its ok. thanks for recording tho

  13. Tonetone34 says:

    Ok 1 hour left simmer

  14. Jc4x4 says:


    Thanks for putting me in the post!

    Your party was great!


  15. Tonetone34 says:

    Agreed! 😀

  16. matre10 says:

    Sorry Simmer,I couldnt make it to the party.Im really sorry.My Internet was down.I couldnt even post on my site.

  17. Tonetone34 says:

    Well the vid was 25 minutes and youtube said it was too long so i had to change it

  18. cpmoneymaka says:

    i came a half hour late and i went to your igloo and didnt not see u anywhere

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