Newspaper – Issue #136

Today a new newspaper has been released. Its not really that important as a newspaper, It just tells you about the upcomming events and so on.

Remember the igloo contest is starting tomorrow. Decorate your igloo and you might even win!

The Medieval Party has been extended until May 25th

Club Penguin is deciding who will win the Writing Contest. Winners will be annouced on May 29

And as usual, to end the post here is the Upcomming Events!

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8 Responses to Newspaper – Issue #136

  1. idontbreakcp says:

    Wow,Cool post Simmer! Keep up the good work!

    Waddle off! :mrgreen:

  2. Lolli says:

    hey Simmer
    thx for ur new post….its the most up to date of all the cp sites i cruise into, nice catching up with ya on watexs chat too. Have a great weekend… Lolli will be spending coins hahahaha i need some new furniture. R u gonna be around for Blazingsuns party? Tornado says hi…she jus got her iggy posted by ryno (hes gettin toasted in it…sooooo funny)

  3. Lolli says:

    ps yeah its snowin here, so i got the day off wooohoooo

  4. Zachary93097 says:


  5. Zachary93097 says:


  6. 96lizzy96 says:

    hai, cool site. thnx 4 keepin us all up-to-date!!!

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