Mars25 and New Stage

Thats the new stage. It is a repeat and I think I know why. Club Penguin wants to give out a backround with every stage. Super hero’s will return soon and so will Sports. The new backround is OK check the catalog for it.

Their are no hidden items in the Stage Catalog. The Script is the same as it was last time for this play.

Also the new pin is a goblet which gives away the Midevil party that starts in one week.

Here is the pin:


The pin is in the Coffee shop. It is on a light then once you touch the light the pin falls down.

Also Mars25 is my new account. Its 750 and has the Music Note pin and rarer. I will use it a lot.

Waddle On!

Simmer 27

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9 Responses to Mars25 and New Stage

  1. Ratssafwevbn says:

    i will be glad some old stages will come back cuz i got banned and had to make a new one

  2. simmer27 says:

    Mars25 is really old. Its pass is hard. I am getting a beta soon. what should i do with it?

  3. Sportsdude90 says:

    oh cool i didnt notice this.

  4. mars25 says:

    hi its me mars25
    i am 1001 days old

  5. mars25 says:

    ha its me mars25 agun i know my pass is varry hard the pass is ………….

  6. mars25 says:

    O YA

  7. mars25 says:

    hi its me mars25 just saying i got bann forever now my new penguin is barronboy98 SO IF YOU SEE BARRONBOY98 REMEMBER ITS ME MARS25 AND I WILL still be famus and you can come to my PARTY it is at my igloo barronboy98 the party is november 5th 2008 and i will make it the best party ever so see you at my party remember name barronboy98 o ya the time will be 7:00 to 4:00 and on the srver frozen see you at my party

  8. mars25 now hyfp says:

    hey fake mars why did you hack my f in accownt

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