Random Stuff

Hey guys I am really board so I will post some random stuff.


At the end of the Clothing catalog there is a note. You get it if you oull down the “How to get Coins” Thing down. It says THAT May 16th there will be a party. How Random? Credit to Sageboy117.

Here is more.

There is another clothing catalog hidden item:

Credit to Watex.

Also the May 16th party could be a midevil party in which case I can tell you what to expect.

The free item would be a Walking stick.

More random things are that I met a beta and Snowdobby.

The picture isnt very good but its strange lol.

Waddle On!


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12 Responses to Random Stuff

  1. tonetone34 says:

    lol which beta did you meet?

  2. jrwz says:

    heey simmer go to watexs chat. Like I said the way Miley talks (from fast then to slow at some parts) it messed up the first vid so I had to make another but this time jrwz is in about half of it then the rest I will finish up with you but I need ur pass since you changed it. So come on watexs chat so I can talk with you about it.

  3. jrwz says:

    hey dude Come on watex’s chat cuz I have to talk to you about the vid. I need ur pass again so come back on watexs chat

  4. cpmac says:

    hey dude!
    check out my awesome new video!
    its my awesome buddy list!!!!!
    P.S.i am having a 20,000 hits party too!!!!

  5. clubpenguinaustin933 says:

    What beta did ya meet?

  6. Hey come to my party!!!!
    When)May 10,2008
    Time)6:00pm PST
    Place)My Igloo,Nightclub,Dock,Dojo,Iceberg
    Why)5,000 Hits
    Wear)Any party item u have!!!!
    I will be recording plz be their!!!!!

  7. millgate1 says:

    yourr site ROCKS,you RULE

  8. midfreshman says:

    its midfreshman here

    Awesome site
    just wanted u to check out my site.
    here are a few reasons why:

    1.it has 30,000+ hits
    2.its super fresh and many people comment on it.
    3.your site is awesome and i think its cool enough to be on my blogroll.

    comment and tell me if ur going to the link is http://midfresh.wordpress.com
    if u are then i will add u as soon as i see im on ur blogroll.

    stay cool,

  9. midfreshman says:

    this is a really cool site
    keep up the awesome work simmer27

  10. filppers7 says:

    Hey Nice Site, and Nice post!
    I might be quitting because im not getting enough hits. If i dont get to 20,000 hits quick then i am going to quit.
    I’m trying to improve my blog, but nobody is going to it.
    Please visit:

    Filppers7 😦

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